Woolen Miniature Creatures By Natasya Shuljak Express Joy And Whimsy

An artist named Natasya Shuljak has given a new guise to the raw fibers in the art world. The Moscow-based artist has used them in a creative way to evolve stunning miniatures. The adorable munchkins bubble on the art platter to reflect on the emotions running through their face. They come in variant shapes and figures to stand out.


Textiles are gradually dropping the age-old tradition of glistening in clothing around the world. Thanks to the perpetual experimentations of the artists, they are cherishing new forms and role in the art palette of the domain. Out of the fashion stores, they are landing in the land of artworks. Furthering the case in the art world, an artist named Natasya Shuljak is walking the trend with her woolen art pieces.

The Moscow-based artist dons the hat of creativity to evolve some stunning art gems for artistic pleasure. She stands out from her counterparts in the domain with her out of the world technique of using raw fiber. She harbors the tradition of ‘felting’ raw fibers. After coming up with the body of her art pieces, she zealously settles down to storm her brain to grab the additions.


After putting in her efforts over that, she finally manages to draw the lines of expressions and moods. Thus, her miniatures are not merely about the technique and beauty of felting fibers. The swirls of emotions evolve on their faces to illuminate the sphere for artistic souls. To keep their uniqueness intact, they differ not only in shape and size but also in the emotional facet.

To keep the platter fresh for her admirers, she keeps on revamping the form and whirl of emotions in miniatures. Thus, she does not miss out on any side of emotions and moods thriving in the world. Also, the lines of expression speak for the nature and character of the miniatures.


For instance, one can find three weird creatures occupying the surface of book and enjoying each other’s company. One of them sits upright with a white flower and shoots blooming on its head. Other stands on its four legs with green shoots waving on its back. The glow of felicity covers their faces.

Moving ahead, one can also find a similar pair supporting a different color. Pink petals adorn their bodies and facets to make a case in the frame. A lion also takes on the platter beholding the viewers with an innocent look on its face. A blue-colored fox also adorns the platform to reflect on its grace. Expanding the platter, a cute penguin also graces the counter with its woolen version to greet the art lovers.


Some of the weird creatures deviate from the lines of bliss to rope in the bits of dejection. Thus, there is enough on the platter to match up with the needs and calls of the time. One can celebrate every phase and moment of life with the adorable miniatures embellishing the corners and parts of one’s paradise.

The artist does not believing in cocooning in her comfort zone. She looks forward to roping in new ways and enhancing the domain. Taking on that, she shared, “There is a lot of abstract in my work, and I want to enhance this feeling”. Shedding light on her art, she said, “These spheres are united by expressive language: the character of the line, rhythm, texture, color, etc.”

One can explore the alleys of the social media platform for her artworks.