Wife Fulfills Her Husband’s Last Wish Of Preserving His Tattooed Skin, Gets His Body Skinned

People do have an obsession with their tattoos as they carry significance in their lives. Chris Wenzel, a tattoo artist had asked his wife to preserve his tattooed skin after he died. He was keen on making his future generations witness his love for tattoo art.


Cheryl from Canada, who is Chris Wenzel’s wife revealed her husband’s wish to have his tattoos taken care of by the means of removing his skin from the body before the burial. She would “adorn” the walls with his tattoos after the skinning procedure.

Chris was suffering from ulcerative colitis which leads to an irregular heartbeat. He knew he would die and before that, he asked his wife for one last wish to be granted.

He died in October 2018 after he experienced chest pains. His love for ink never died and his wife is ensuring that what he wanted is accomplished!

Cheryl is leaving no stone unturned for making this happen. She said, “You can hang a picture on a wall. A tattoo is something that has been done for hundreds of years. It’s just preserving it.”


Chris was the owner at Electric Underground Tattoo where he followed his love for this art. Everyone in the city knew about his talent. People knew where to head when they want to get inked!

After lots of research, Cheryl found a company, Save My Ink Forever based in the US that works in this field of tattoo preservation of the dead. Kyle Sherwood who is the part of that company said that they understand what a tattoo means to a person and how it reflects their personality. It becomes a part of their life after some time.

The whole process on Chris’s body would take three months including all the surgeries that are required for the success of the skinning. There has not been any larger tattoo preservation in North America than this as told by Kyle.

Cheryl would follow her husband’s footsteps when it comes to preserving the inked skin. She would want to get skinned too after her death.

There is always a respect for art regardless of what it is. When people are passionate about something, they would want to keep it alive even when they leave this world!