Watercolor Works By Hiroki Takeda Show Vivid Bloom From The Coats Of Charismatic Cats

An artist named Hiroki Takeda has set the fascinating play of life through his watercolor works. Amicable kitties and cats evolve on his canvas with flora and fauna elements thriving on their body. Flowers, vines and butterflies bloom around their colorful bodies to make a mark. Meanwhile, they keep their charm intact by cherishing their moments in their usual self.


Watercolors and art evolve complementarily in one’s life since childhood. No matter, whether it is about practicing low-level strokes or mastering art flair, they always thrive by one’s side. Thus, it is not a surprise to find artists making a name in the domain by trying their hands at their magic. Giving a fantasy touch to that narrative, an artist named Hiroki Takeda takes charge with his thrilling watercolor works on the counter.

Settling down for a vibrant platter of watercolors, the Japan-based artist has made way for his creativity to take the upper hand. Borrowing the idea of life and co-existence thriving around him, he has come with some alluring waterworks on the platter. One can trace the bits influencing his spree back to his childhood days. His mother’s penchant for plants has always stayed in his mind and has gone a long way in leaving imprints in his works.


Apart from that, his experience and interest in caricature have added to his performance in the domain. His experiment and play with myriad styles during his university days have also contributed a bunch to the growth and development of his works. Bundling his influences and experiments together, he ended up striding for evoking watercolor cats and kittens on his canvas. The flamboyant creatures evolved on the canvas with flora and fauna elements. Flowers and vines bloom in vibrant colors across their bodies to reflect the theme behind the artworks.

Not just that, butterflies also fly in to make the best of the floral growth on the furry creatures. Adding more bits of amusements to the narrative, he also paints some mini cats on the prowl in their bigger counterparts. However bringing out the stirring bits, the cats do not lose their charm on the canvas. They come up beautifully on the canvas while supporting their mundane poses. One can grab the fascinating bits by going through his watercolor work lines. In one of his works, one can see the furry creature looking straight at the viewers.


In another picture, one can find the cute creature in a sitting pose. Not just that, one can cherish their changing expressions in the same pose. Apart from that, one can also find them sharing some moments of love and care. Some cats shed light on their true self with their sleeping and relaxing poses making waves on the canvas. Thus, there is a lot for cat lovers and art lovers bubbling on the other end.

Shedding light on when the idea struck him, he shared, “One day, I had a moment in my mind when I saw a painting of an animal and its fur looked like a plant.” Adding to that, he said, “The idea of combining watercolor with plants and animals felt very natural to me.”

Grabbing more on that count, one can check out his artworks at Shinsaibashi Gajin Gallery in Osaka till August 12. Apart from that, one can also check out a print of his starry works. Not just that, social media platforms also facilitate a walk through his celebrated works and in line projects.