Vibrant Colors Spill Out On Street With Okuda Miguel’s Creativity

An artist named Okuda San Miguel lightened up the area of Fort Smith (Arkansas) with his creativity. To work out his thoughts on the ground, he grabbed hold of a deserted house in the area. He went ahead to paint the house with vibrant shades keeping in mind the Darby Junior High School that stands beside it with alacrity.


Art is the interaction of thoughts and skills that holds the power to transform the world. Artists across the globe upturn every stone to exploit its potential to the full. They go around fusing the elements of amusement in the world laden with agonies and despair. Grabbing a similar kind of pursuit, an artist named Okuda San Miguel has turned a neglected structure into a hub of shades.

The Spain-based artist does not hold himself back from viewing the worn-out elements around him with his creative eyes. He tries to observe every bit of his subject to charge up his nerves. After getting with his visual analysis, he goes ahead drawing out a roadmap to bestow a new and refreshing look to the elements. As a result of his efforts, he had ended up turning many gloomy streets into vibrant ones.

One day, while carrying usual artistic observations, his eyes landed on a deserted house in Fort Smith (Arkansas). Beholding the pathetic condition of the area, he decided to take up the baton of its creative transformation. To take on the luster-less elements, he laid down the plan of his project. He went around observing the culture thriving there. On his way, he noticed the Darby Junior High School that stood beside his project. Finally, the themes of a vibrant play-house struck his mind.

He started with the painting part and worked out geometric shapes and lives. Vibrant shades of pink, red, yellow, orange and blue embellished the structure. To add the elements of fantasy, he painted animal faces on two sides of the house. Not just the main building but he also festooned the storehouse with his creativity. The roof of the house dons white stars with strips of blue shades.

Bringing out the theme of the house to the fore, he christened the project “The Rainbow Embassy”. It also comes under the ambit of “Justkids for the Unexpected” global creative house.

Taking on the project, he said, “This project gave me the possibility to expand on my previous work, adding in more architectonic dimension and completing my vision of mythical animals”. Adding to that, he tries to bring “a touch of imagination and play into the daily lives of the neighboring community and students and Darby Junior High, as they will get to enjoy the installation and watch as it evolves through the seasons”.

Well, it is not the first gem on his platter of creative. He has painted the churches in Morocco and Spain with his thoughts. Not just that, he also got the privilege to paint a 19th-century French castle.

To grab his artistic treats, one can visit his Instagram page. The artist shares his sprees across the globe on his page. The Fort Smith residents can also cherish his art by having a visit to his Rainbow house.

The magic of art is resurrecting the dead lanes of the ailing world.