Vibrant Butterflies And Moths Hand Crafted By Yumi Okita

An artist named Yumi Okita poured out the vibrant charm of the kingdom of insects by presenting some handmade sculptures of insects. The large fiber art pieces add glitters to the art world by their magnificence. These creations can lighten up one’s home as wall-hanging as well as simple free-standing works. These insect sculptures are rocking the art world.


Art stretches out enough to assimilate different spheres of life. It dwells on elements of creativity and curiosity bubbling in the artistic souls. These souls work out vivid ways to express their love and passion. One of them is Yumi Okita. She weaves the threads of creativity to bring out some large sculptures of butterflies and moths.

The North Carolina-based artist dons the crown of being a proud creator of some vibrant large sculptures of insects. The artist has traversed across the length and breadth of the insect kingdom. Thus, her mind is full of minute details of the tiny creatures. She connects her knowledge with her soul to lay down the foundation of her insect sculptures.

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New piece! Listed on Etsy

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Well, her art does not belong to any well-defined set of pre-requisites. She makes use of hand-painted fabric and embroidery thread. Not just that but she goes ahead to put them together with her collection of feathers and faux fur to add some gems of reality to her sculptures. After getting done with the collection of raw materials, she steps ahead to put them in line with her thought and imagination. Then she ushers her hands to give them the final shape.

In the end, she relaxes back and cherishes the pulchritude of her large sculptures. Her art pieces shine brightly to spread their magic around. They make way to the hearts of the viewers and shower relief on the drained soul. To make them easy to handle for their lovers, the artist has given them the shape of wall-hangings. Not just that but their proud owners can also behold their chivalry by setting them in the house as free-standing works.

The winged creatures in her collection manage to ring in the nerves of the viewers. The variation of their size makes one look at the various aspects of insects. She generally makes fabric wings for her subjects that go up to 9.5 inches in width. To add a unique charm to the raging furry creatures, she makes them stands to 3.5 to 4.5 inches in height. Her perfection makes them don the elegance of reality. One may end up having a pounding heart at first sight. But the person can catch the art that holds together to make the sculptures shine brightly.

For instance, one green and blue colored butterfly stands out in her collection with a furry head. The pattern of its wings makes one lose one’s heart to its beauty. To tough it a tough fight, a red-colored butterfly shines brightly with pink spots across its body. Then an azure moth floats in to surround its viewers with the dew of solace.

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New pieces! Luna moth and an original moth.

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Are you bubbling with these elements of wonders? Then you can provide relief to your artistic soul by heading to her Instagram page of the artist. Not just that but you can also crank up your thrill-o-meter by stepping into her Etsy shop. You can pick you delight there and arrange them to light up your world.

The artist has spelt out a unique insect charm through her art.