Vertical Dwellings Nestle Into Rosa De Jong’s Miniature Landscapes

An artist named Rosa de Jong has given a new twist to the narrative of landscapes in the art world. Coming up with their miniature versions, she has gone ahead to suspend them within the frames. The vertical art pieces go ahead in throwing light on their geographical details. She looks forward to coming up with water-rooted plants and crystal.


Nature has always taken up the baton to be an undying inspiration for creative souls. It has thus managed to get the core of themes to entice art lovers. Not just that, the art world is in spate with its bounties thriving around. Adding a new look to the narrative, an artist named Rosa de Jong has come up with hanging miniature landscapes to make waves around the sphere.

Based in Amsterdam, the artist has gone ahead to incorporate the charm of nature in her art pieces. Keeping their vastness in mind, she has managed to come up with their alluring miniatures on the art board. Not just that, they go a long way in highlighting their geographical features to win the hearts of the viewers. Adding more bits to the narrative, she has got some dwellings vertically sitting on the presented landscapes. Many other natural elements like faux moss and minuscule trees also come upon the subject. They go a long way in highlighting the treasure of nature that thrives around the sphere.


To present them in the best manner, she has suspended them within wooden frames against the white background. Thus, they take after the landscape paintings that usually adorn a wall. A web of threads runs around to hold the center piece at its prime position within the frame. Apart from that, she also relies on the crystal clear test tubes to have them floating. One can get the best facet of vision by going through the artistic lane in her domain.

For instance, one can find a mountain with small houses arrayed vertically on the precipice. One can also note the green bits around in the form of tree and moss. Moving ahead, one can find a rocky mountain suspended in the frame with a ladder leaning against it.


Not just wooden frames, some miniatures also float in test tubes to break away the monotony setting in her sphere. They shimmer through the glass with houses, buildings, tents, etc., grabbing their arena. Thus, one can find every kind of landscape and terrain, either hanging within the frames or floating in test tubes on the art platter.

Well, she does not plan to restrict herself to the mountainous bits. She looks forward to adding the vibes of freshness by bringing in the charm of water-rooted plants and crystals in her domain. Shedding light on her future art plans, she shared, “I feel like a huge part of my work is how I frame things—let’s see if I am able to frame these inspiring natural elements”.


Not just that, she also shared that the boxes used in the project evolved with handcrafting by her father. Hence, the art pieces are not mere material projects for her. One can go through the iconic landscape bits by heading to the vibrant social media world.

Many platforms step up to bring in the charm of her art pieces in the best way for the delight of art lovers. Thus, the admirers can check out the corners to have the best glimpse of the art pieces on the board.