Unraveling Earth’s Ocean Movements In Aerial Photographs By Tobias Hagg

An artist named Tobias Hagg put his photographic skills to capture the heart-swaying movements of water bodies. The artist from Stockholm has added a unique touch to the blue bounties by clicking their aerial views. The mighty waves lashing the rocky and sandy beaches make hearts spring up with amusement. The photographs have grabbed a golden space in our world.


Photography has evolved as a new corner of escape for the souls devoid of peace and joy. They have worked out new dimensions of this world by pouring out their emotions in their projects. Hence, photography is no more about pixels only. But it has expanded enough to don the shades of art. Extracting the potential of the new art sphere to the full, an artist named Tobias Hagg has gone ahead to festoon it with the charm of the blue world.

Tobias has a great love for the shimmering water bodies. Their shine and never-ending movements manage to strike a chord with his artistic soul. The artist goes on exploring the obscured facets and gems of the blue world creatively. His eyes could witness the gyrations bubbling deep on their beds that lend an intrinsic charm to the water bodies.

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Sarek ! Swedish wilderness at its best.

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His love for these mysterious bounties has pushed him over the world of art. He hunts for the moments with his camera by his side. After grabbing the bits of photography and then applying them to landscape photo shoots, the artist found the shots similar to the ones that already ruled the photography. His creative soul wanted to try out a unique style. Something that could present the water bodies in full bloom and make the artist stand out from the crowded sphere of landscape sphere.

After looking and trying out the trending styles, the artist ended up grabbing the grace of aerial photography. That marked the beginning of a new chapter for the soul. He clicked the luring subject with his heart to put in the frame. Hence, he ended up collecting out of the world aerial views of ocean landscapes on the deck of achievements.

One could feel the blue vibes by having a stroll in the lanes of his classic work. Blue raging waves bubbling with white froth wash the sands under the warmth of the sun. A long river mirrors the out-stretched blue sky while making its way through the dense kingdom of trees. In another of his pictures, one needs to put one’s might to separate the white surface of the oceanic waves from the white beach.

Not just that, one of his pictures goes an extra mile to win the heart of the art lovers by presenting the union of two different- green and blue facets of the boiling sea. Well, not just the oceans but the gracious blue lagoons with islands and coconuts trees make their presence felt with their perfectness in his collection.

The artist does not limit his passion for the ocean landscape. But he also traverses across the lap of nature to capture its bounties. For instance, he has shot the growing years of trees through seasons beginning with the magic of autumns.

Taking on his love for his work, the artist based in Stockholm shared, “I find pleasure in the most simple scenes. In a way, I think it defines me”.

His Instagram page and site open up his treasure and relieves the craving souls of art lovers.