Trendy Older Couple From Taiwan Model In Clothes Forgotten At Their Landromat

A couple named Chang Wan-ji and Hsu Sho-er is driving the world crazy with their fashion shoots floating in the social media world. The owners of Wansho Laundry in central Taiwan poses elegantly in the apparels left behind at their laundry facility. The love birds in their eighties put up the fashion lines with their grandson Chang Reef.


Fashion fanatics always look around for the bits inspiring them to rear some new fashion fads. Following them, many fashion icons keep their social media accounts and journal in spate with the fashion experiments for their delight. It does not take a long wait for new statements to rock in the fashion sphere. Ditching the age factor in the fashion shoots, a couple- Chang Wan-ji and Hsu Sho-er is wining laurels around the world.

The love birds run a laundry facility named Wansho Laundry in central Taiwan to make a living. However, their business is not just helping them put up a sustainable living. But it is also helping them explore fashion ways. The 83-year-old Chang Wan-ji and 84-year-old Hsu Sho-er noticed the apparels left behind at their facility after service. They thought it to be a sheer wastage to dispose of them. Thus, they started using them to present their understanding of the fashion waves ruling the present-day world.

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你會覺得這套拍片的衣服是老衣物嗎?前幾天萬吉和秀娥在影片內的服裝,可能很多人都以為是為了拍攝影片新買的吧?但其實,在影片裡出現的衣服,一樣還是拿舊衣服搭配出來的喔!!! 這一套,👴🏼萬吉的衣服是被客人遺忘超過十年的上衣(扣子還是金屬扣),而白褲子則是他自己年輕時所穿的喇叭褲,我們只是把褲子的長度改短了,加上了一些小配件,這樣一搭配還是可以很時尚! 而👵🏼秀娥的洋裝,則是在衣櫥待了好幾年的舊洋裝,配上她自己年輕時候的窄版腰帶。這兩套穿在秀娥和萬吉的身上,把色彩好好搭配呼應後,就可以在不同花樣的情況下,自然的變成了情侶裝! 💡溫馨提醒|洗衣服請記得拿、認同請分享❤️ Do you think this suit is old clothes? Have you seen the video of Wan-ji and Sho-er a few days ago? Many people might think that the clothes for filming are usually newly bought, right? But actually, the clothes that appeared in the movie. The same is still matched with old clothes! ! ! Just like this set. 👴🏼Wan-ji's top is a piece of clothing that has been forgotten by customers for more than ten years. (The buttons are still metal buttons) And those white pants. The bell-bottoms he wore when he was young. We just shortened the length of the pants. Added some small accessories. Such a match can still be very fashionable! And 👵🏼Sho-er 's dress. It is an old dress that has been in the closet for several years. With a narrow belt she bought when she was young. These two sets of clothes worn on Wan-ji and Sho-er. After matching the colors well. It can naturally become a couple's outfit under different patterns! 💡A friendly reminder|Don’t forget to pick up your laundry. #萬秀洗衣店 #萬秀的洗衣店 #wantshowasyoung #grandparents – – _ #mixandmatch #clothes #ootd #instafashion #style #fashion #couple #夫婦 #80代 #grandma #grandpa #femmefuture #classyvision #vintage #古着 #コーディネート #love #laundry #outfits

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The couple started giving the casual attires a try together. They went ahead on putting on a couple of modern-day dresses to complement each other. Finally, their grandson Chang Reef saw their fashion sense. He managed to grab their potential and set out to click them in the fashion attires. Chang went ahead to coax his grandparents to pose elegantly in the modern-day casual dresses.

He also arranged the scenes and poses to reflect on their years of togetherness and love. Their laundry offered the desirable set to imbue their pictures with soothing yet vibrant vibes.

Then, Chang went ahead to share their adorable clicks with the social media world. Their pictures soon topped the charts and wooed hearts around the world.

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有一種愛叫萬吉與秀娥,但有一種笨叫做孫子要改文章卻誤刪😭 昨天的照片說著拖鞋的議題,於是很多人跟我分享關於「拖鞋」的英文用法,難得有學英文的機會,我剛剛就很開心想著來改一下英文,結果手機太老舊,有點lag之下就一個不知道為什麼居然按下了刪除⋯應該跟農曆七月沒關係吧⋯⋯所以只好重新發再加碼一張! There is a kind of love known as "Wan-Ji and Sho-Er", but there's a kind of fool know as "grandson tried to edit the post and deleted it"😭 Yesterday's post talked about the "slippers" and many of you told me the differences between it and "sandles" or "flip-flops" . It's a good chance to learn English and when I wanted to edit the term in the post, maybe because my phone is too old and a bit lagging, i pressed DELETE! Okay, should have nothing to do with this ghost month in our culture. So, I have to repost it plus another picture! 萬吉和秀娥異口同聲的問:「只穿拖鞋會不會很奇怪?」 萬吉和秀娥的人生堅持之一,就是出門一定穿上鞋子然後打扮整齊,在他們的經驗中,「拖鞋」一直不是「搭配」的一部分,穿上以前沒穿過的衣服,對他們來說一點也不奇怪,反而是穿上拖鞋來當成搭配的一部分,這對他們更新鮮! 至於老人家的堅持為什麼能被打破?是因為⋯他們愛我啊~只要願意跟老人家溝通,什麼都有可能😊 👴🏼萬吉(身長160cm) 外搭:至少5-10年未取綠色絲質襯衫 上衣:萬吉私服 短褲:萬吉今天起床就穿著的工作褲 👵🏼秀娥(身長155cm) 上衣:至少10年未取花紋絲質寬版T-shirt 裙子:秀娥少女時代的私服 Wan-Ji and Sho-Er asked At the same time, “ Isn’t it weird to wear the slippers?” It is the lifestyle of Wan-Ji and Sho-Er, to dress properly and wear shoes. Slippers are never in their “Accessory” list. To wear slippers is even more interesting for them than wearing young generation‘s clothes! As for why they are willing to wear the slippers in this photo? Well, because they LOVE me♥️ If you are willing to communicate with your parents or grandparents, everything is possible😊 💡溫馨提醒|洗衣服請記得拿、認同請分享❤️ 💡A friendly reminder|Don’t forget to pick up your laundry. #萬秀洗衣店 #萬秀的洗衣店 #wantshowasyoung #grandparents – – _ #mixandmatch #clothes #ootd #instafashion #style #fashion #couple #夫婦 #80代 #grandma #grandpa #femmefuture #classyvision #vintage #古着 #コーディネート #love #laundry #outfits

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Going through the vibrant pictures, one can see the woman standing against the machine with her man holding its door open. She dons a cool white T-shirt with a skirt and stylish denim shoes. A scarf festoons her look. The blue and white glasses go well with her casual look. On the other hand, the man supports a T-shirt with its sleeves folded up. He matches his love with similar pants and denim shoes. The blue glasses complement his look. The couple opens up the bubbles of love by exchanging smiles and hearts.

In another of the photographs, one can see them putting on a sporty look. They pose outside their shop to give competition to the young fashion models. They don loose shirts with black leather pouches hanging around them.

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還記得上週截止的10K小禮物抽獎嗎?30個被抽到的名單在這裡! 沒想到那麼多人,但只有少少30個,或許這只是個小小的開始,希望透過一個小布章,提醒大家「只要在舊衣服上稍微動點巧思,就可以變成一件有意思的新物件!」 萬吉的上衣,是一件15年前我高中時,買給他慶祝父親節的polo衫;而秀娥的背心,則是來自被客人遺忘超過20年的背心。兩件衣服各自加上一個標籤,就可以當成新制服了! Do you remember the 10K gift draw that closed last week? The list is here! Unexpectedly, there are so many people, but there are only 30 at last. Perhaps this is just a small beginning. Through a small patch, I hope to remind everyone that "as long as you use a little bit of ingenuity on your old clothes, it can become an interesting new one!" Wan-Ji's top is a polo shirt that I bought to celebrate Father's Day when I was in high school 15 years ago; Sho-er’s vest is from a vest that has been forgotten by customers for more than 20 years. Add a label to both clothes and they can be used as new uniforms! @brportii @__822128312 @crystalhuang0122 @sachamaartens @cindyseesit @maria_altomare16 @gwengjg @mia_afw @anticipatedlife @runaway_heather @zoe.puter @thatcrazybarbie @hitsilvia @cloudycloudysummer @julieyeh24 @_____yi1209 @_wanginging @mi050802 @xiaoxi_guo @mmotoookaaa @rainbowhill1912 @llin_yun_chen @mackerel_1412 @ringotignir @chuzzzone @eequoq @lhw.890316 @hyhdefee @anaf.d @archiebell__ 請私訊與我聯繫,會需要跟您確認郵寄資訊,希望能快點寄到你的手上,一起成為「萬秀洗衣店」的世界特派員工! Please contact me by private message, I will need to confirm the mailing information with you, I hope it can be sent to you as soon as possible, and become a special staff member of "Wan-sho Laundry"! 🔔溫馨提醒|洗衣服請記得拿❤️ 🔔Please remember to pick up you clothes ❤️ #萬秀洗衣店 #萬秀的洗衣店 #wantshowasyoung #grandparents – – _ #mixandmatch #clothes #ootd #instafashion #style #fashion #couple #夫婦 #80代 #grandma #grandpa #femmefuture #classyvision #vintage #古着 #コーディネート #love #laundry #outfits

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Then, in another click, the couple tries to present a fusion of informal and formal looks. The woman puts on a yellow coat over a white top and leather pouch festooning look. She also dons a rough cap to add to her appearance. Her husband stands by her donning a similar set of apparels. She lovingly poises his leather cap as he smiles his heart out.

Thus, they have not missed out on any of the elements to reflect on their fashion understanding. Their evergreen love wafts in, making one forget that they have been married since 1959.

Fashion and love are mingling to fill the vacuum.