Tourism Company’s Entrance Gets Remodeling Done By Wutopia Lab, New Design Is Inspired By The Sea

Architecture has evolved a lot over the years and the designs that we see now are more realistic and blend perfectly with the surroundings. There are many well-established and great studios which are purely architecture based and one of them is Wutopia Lab which has done an amazing job in changing the look of Aranya, a tourism company.


Aranya, a tourism company which is located in China, specifically in Qinhuangdao has undergone a remodeling which was accomplished by Wutopia Lab, an architectural design studio, based in Shanghai and founded by Yu Tin. The transformation was mainly focused on the company’s concierge room and it looks nothing less than spectacular after the renovation!

The concierge room of the company also acts as the information block for the tourists. So, it had to be restyled in a way that the original essence is intact. Wutopia Lab was there to make sure these elements were taken care of.

The one major change was installing glass, a semi-transparent one as the exterior of the room. The glass skin was enveloped by a wall which was really different and nothing one would expect it to be. The feature that made it stand out was the striped details on the front side which were blue and white. A formal and elegant pattern!

There are various unique elements in this structure which have transformed the information center of Aranya into a beautiful building. The office no more has a typical unvaried look of a box but rather gives out some interesting vibes. The exterior wall which connects the office and the surroundings form a curved enclosure which is quite distinctive. To have some sort of synchronization in the office design, the stripes are also used in the floor designing without making it look excessive. It needs an artistic mind to accomplish this!

Designing does involve considering some essential aspects but one thing that plays a vital role is the inspiration behind the architecture.

In the case of Aranya, Wutopia Lab’s work was inspired by the sea as depicted by the stripes especially the color choice which is related to the sailors. Why sea? It is because the city of Qinhuangdao where Aranya is situated is located on the coast of China and is a port city. Making sea a part of the office is very thoughtful and definitely an incredible idea!

The renewed office space has other “sea-inspired” details like the windows. When you look at those windows, you will instantly have a ship in your mind as the circular windows of the office carry that essence!

If the ocean is the inspiration here, then Wutopia Lab made sure that every component of the ocean is inculcated in the design. So, the winds that occupy the oceans had to be a part of the architecture of the office. So, the construction included perforated steel and polycarbonate which is lightweight.

The architecture studio, Wutopia Lab did a phenomenal job with the office and the oceans’ inspired part is the highlight of the whole architecture. Everyone is surprised by how wonderfully the designing has been done!