Tim Flach’s Vivid Photographers Focus On Unique Features Of Vulnerable Birds

An artist named Tim Flach sets his camera in action to snap some of the characteristics of the endangered and vulnerable birds. He zooms into the avian kingdom to efface the line dividing humans and birds in terms of their features. Thus, his photographs are not mere capture but are evoking enough to make art lovers pore over their background.


Photography domain is booming with the unique and refreshing ideas lacing its surface. The artists from different cultures and backgrounds are making their ways converge to enrich the sphere with their creativity. Thus, gone are the days when photography was only about flash. Adding to the trending waves, an artist named Tim Flach is setting tones high for the art lovers with his out of the world collection.

The London-based photographer loves to explore the corners and alleys of the avian kingdom. He makes his way around to grab the bits that can ignite the fire of creativity inside him. Advancing in the feathery world, he looks for the creatures that are losing their existence and are on the verge of extinction. The rare birds unleash the urge to build on them and take them on the canvas of art.

Bowing down before the blinkers, he sets his camera and soars ahead to zoom into the characteristics that separate them from their counterparts. He convinces the avian kings to pose their charm in the best possible way to make him materialize his objectives. Well, the artist does not stop there. He digs deep to catch hold of some of the other contrasting bits.


Taking the things a notch higher, he tries to draw a parallel between human beings and their avian counterparts. Thus, the beacon of awareness about the species goes well in hand with the light of creativity to woo the art lovers counting on the moments.

One can realize the bits to the full by taking a ride through the shimmering lanes in his art sphere. For instance, one can see Peruvian Inca tern looking at the viewers straight to flaunt its moustache just like its human counterparts. Apart from that, its grey feathers take after the feather coats in the human world. Celebrating its charm and grace, he opined, “This for me, is the Salvador Dali of the bird world”.

Cockatoo adds glitters to the sphere with its pink hues. Not just that, the crown of feathers sits on its head to signify its place on the avian platter. Vultrurine guineafowl looks spectacular with its out of the world color combination and feather design and texture. The black background goes ahead to highlight its charm in the best possible way.


And yes, who can miss out on the grandeur of Toco toucan? The photographer has kept that in mind and captured the iconic creature in the frame. One can see the alluring bird forging a connection with the viewers with its iconic beak.

Thus, he has managed to capture the bits adorning the shelves in every possible way.

Shedding light on his art thoughts, he shared, “I am also interested in the perceptual divide between sentient beings. There is a sense of awe and wonderment and there is always an uncertainty about what will reveal itself on set. I like to encourage thoughts about how we see each other”.

To win the treat, one can check out his five books. Not just that, the social media world also offers the best glimpse of the platter.