This Artist Proves That You Can Find Art In Anything, Even Death And Depression

Till now people have used depression as a topic of discussion. Unlike others, this artist has created magic out of depression. You have to see his art pieces to have a look at them.


A 32-year-old, Polish artist, Igor Dobrowolski is creating portraits. The unique part about these portraits is that these portraits are based on death, depression, war, problems of the poor and homeless, addiction, narcissism, and lack of empathy.

He is a self-taught street artist and he started in 2014. Since he got recognition, he has exhibited his art in Los Angeles, London, Berlin, and Warsaw.

While talking about his portraits, he said, “It is very important for me to include, in all of my works the particle of hope, because I believe it’s going to be better even after the greatest tragedies, perhaps for life or maybe death. I do not want to be too lofty, it’s just the way I feel and I do not know how to put it into words.”

Celebrities like Channing Tatum, Gigi Hadid, Nicole Scherzinger, and Mohamed Hadid have included his pieces of art in their collection.

Take a look at his collection and maybe you will be able to find something positive out of your depressing life.