Thick Dabs Of Paint Render Dreamy Landscapes In Layers Of Color

An artist named Anastasia Trusova provides another touch of creativity to the landscape scenario. The Belgium-based artist makes waves with her art pieces with paint dabs. They take in the top echelons to reflect on the stream of emotions and thoughts that back her creations. Her palette knives and brushes accompany her in her scintillating spree to make a mark.


Landscape paintings have gone through a series of transformations over the years. Artists from different walks of life have step into the fascinating world to leave art lovers with some unforgettable prints of creativity. Thus, it is not a surprise to find people looking for some enticing artworks to add to their collection. Adding another layer of fascination, an artist named Anastasia Trusova is stealing the show with her masterpieces.

She stands out in the domain for her exceptionally bold palette choices. One can trace that to her learning days in Moscow Artscool and later Moscow State Textile University. Her knowledge about the vibrant paints and their textures went on layering each other. The art hubs bestowed her with the basics in the domain. They went on cementing her hold on the physics of paints to a great extent. Keeping her lessons and experiments in her mind, she is now taking on the ever-rising standards of the art world. Not just that, she let her emotions penetrate her artworks with her color picks.


She plays with dabs of vibrant paints on her canvas to set the ground for her scintillating landscapes. Going ahead for starry art pieces, she makes use of palette knives and brushes. Providing a balance of colors and theme, she prefers to go for a palette of kaleidoscopic hues. Her perceptions and imaginations also come around to usher her hands for a mesmerizing art piece. Not just that, they also make way for dream moments for her admirers to cherish.

Going through her art pieces, one can come across the beauty of a river view with a dark background. In another artwork, one can see whirls of clouds overshadowing beautiful scenery. Delving deeper, one can see coils and lines matching up with each other and weaving a scintillating narrative. Celebrate mountain life in another art piece with various shades of sun rays filling the sky. Not just that, one can also feel the blooming flowers on her canvas and ruling the sphere. Thus, there is a lot for landscape lovers.


Bright and vibrant colors dabs get around all her art pieces and thrill viewers on the other end. Shedding light her drive, she shared, “I don’t think about the rules. I paint as I feel. I add volume to highlight and emphasize something or to show something that is closer.”

The Belgium-based artist also gave an analogy to describe her work better. Taking on that, she said, “For example, the same red shade will look differently when surrounded by light green or dark blue. There we broadened our horizons, helped us fall in love with the most incredible combinations.” One can live the fact in most of her art pieces. Thus, they get on different color lines and themes to forge a connection with souls admiring them.

Grabbing the best bits on her art platter, one can make way to her social media platforms. They let one peep into her art world. Not just that, one can also go ahead to seal a vibrant deal of her original masterpieces and their prints on her site.