These Beautiful Embroidered Pieces Are Promoting Equality In The Most Creative Way

Art can tell many stories and can be a perfect way to spread an important message in the world. Giselle Quinto has chosen embroidery to raise the concern around equality. Her embroidered pieces are beautiful and inspiring too!


When you believe strongly in something, you ought to take steps to convey it to the rest of the world. There are many issues that exist and need to be brought to light. The necessity of equality is one such concern.

A Brazilian artist, Giselle Quinto is using her embroidery skills to raise awareness around equality. She focuses on women and her pieces depict women with tattoos with the essence of the countryside in them.

This Netherlands-based artist wants people to respect every shape and size of a person’s body. There should not be any discrimination and judgments involved. You’ll notice how all the women in her embroideries have closed eyes. So, she has a theme for her pieces!

Her personal website states, “Her work brings an anarchic view to classic embroidery, revisiting old traditions and transforming it in protest for equality, where all have the right to be and live whoever they are.”

Quinto keeps the traditional element alive in all her work and sends the powerful message of being equal. Freedom follows equality!

The embroideries are phenomenal and unique in their own way. She has more than 20,000 followers on Instagram and her amazing artwork can also be seen on other platforms like Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest.