The Art Of Weaving Ribbons Together To Create Ceremonial Dragons And Cactus

The artists of Ribbonesia- Baku Maed and Toru Yoshikawa brought out the art of ribbon-weaving. Dragons, cactus garden, etc. all evolve from colorful ribbons to steal the heart of art lovers. Ribbonesia is making waves across the world since 2010.


Ribbons don the title of indispensable part of gifting. Not just gifts but they also make up the hair-do things and dress materials. But artists- Baku Maed and Toru Yoshikawa brought out a new side of that sphere. It rocked the art world with its charm.

It seems like Baku Maeda and Toru Yoshikawa were attached with the colorful silky ribbons. The unique feature of the gifting thing nudged them to take up some vibrant experiments. To their delight, they ended up with a new art form. Finally, they joined hands together to lay the foundations of Ribbonesia in 2010.

Maeda came up to play the artist part of their initiative. On the other hand, Yoshikawa joined the platform by taking up the job of creative director and went ahead to work on the theme and concepts of their creations. Since then, the duo has worked shoulder to shoulder to bring out some creations to steal the limelight of the art world.

Their art pieces’ list includes a cactus garden, floral landscapes, dragon, and many other animals. The star of their collection is a beautiful though wild dragon. The art piece is made of ribbons of different shades weaved together to bring out its vibrant sight. Its shiny red tail sheds light on the fiery element that thrives in it.

To the delight of art lovers, there is not just a dragon to woo their hearts but also a colorful cactus garden that spreads the charm of thorny beings. Ribbons of all shades- green, pink, grey, red, blue have come together to provide a spectacular view of cactus garden. The thorny but mild creations shine brightly under the light to speak more about them.

Then there are also charismatic animals like deer, fox and panther. The deer donning the shade of blue looks at its viewers sharply to bring out its charm. The orange fox is also no less. It stands magnificently to grab the attention of the ribbon-lovers. The dark blue panther gives out an audacious roar to shed light on its strength.

Not just the animals but there are also some vibrant flowers. They bring out the floral landscapes. The fusion of red and black compete with its other counterpart- donning the fusion of blue and grey. But they both manage to pull the hearts of the viewers with same intensity. The artists have also got some human masks of ribbon in their collection.

Taking on the art part, the artists shared, “Just as a painter would use hundreds of brush strokes, ribbon forms can also be made from a variety of twists, bends and folds”. Adding to that, they also said, “They become paintings as much as they are sculptures”.