Technicolor Paint Oozes Over Subject’s Face In Tim Tadder’s Portraits

An artist named Tim Tadder is creating waves with his iconic method creating some out of the world art pieces. The Encinitas, California-based photographer makes his model drench in the pool of colors. Paints run down their face, following their natural course to weave iconic shots. He captures the bright shades flowing down the neck to win the best version.


There are very few artists who thrive in the art world to create their sphere. They invert the raging trend to reflect on their thoughts and emotions. They defy the worldly norms to set their mark in the field. In that pursuit, they end up enticing the art lovers with their iconic art pieces. Following the line of work, an artist named Tim Tadder gets on the board with the heart-winning bits and parts by his side.

Time loves to experiment with colors. For him, the hues constitute the pedestal of art. The Encinitas, California-based photographer does not wait for the natural bounties to throw up something to satiate his artistic soul. He takes the step ahead to conquer the world with his wisdom and outlook over the subjects. He creates his vision and disseminates its beauty and grace around through his work.


The artist hires his models to let the paint flow down their face in layers. The bright and alluring hues stand in contrast to the dark shade- black. They reflect on the theme and design with their course and run adorning the faces of the models. Different paints interact and mingle with each other to create an amalgam of the stunning beauty bits and parts in the frame for the art lovers.

The swirls and marble patterns come up beautifully on the subject to underline the bubbling themes and another side of the outlook. Moreover, there exist deep meaning tethering to the lines of bliss and wonder running down the subjects.


Well, the artist does not merely capture the out of the world patterns thriving on the faces. But he goes ahead to time his click to capture the paints dropping off their chins or running down the necks. Thus, he manages to add charm to the art pieces with his wit and skills in one go. Not just he but his models also give their best to let him put up the best on the shelves for the art lovers. They stand still and hold their breaths while paints follow their natural course and action on their faces.

They act as if they are underwater due to the weight and density of the paints adorning their faces. Hence, the artist manages to click the desired shot without much ado about the complexities in his work and style.

Also, he moves ahead to shoot the paints in action on the face of his models. Thus, art lovers can see the work techniques and style of the artist with the video by his side. The process floats in the sphere without tickling the nerves of the art lovers on the other side.


Taking on his art, he shared, “There’s something about the human head, and the bald head, and the brain, and that way that everything is here”. Adding to that, he said, “The soul is here”.

To win the best side of the visuals, the art lovers can quest for his bits in the social-media world. There thrive enough charm and delight in the corners to win the best for the visitors in the domain.