Teagan White’s Mixed Media Artwork Brings Together Flora And Fauna

An artist named Teagan White leaves art lovers stunned with their evoking art pieces. The artist lets fauna and flora elements catch up with each other in a stirring way. They leave behind their usual way of life and surroundings to weave a remarkable narrative. ‘Things As They Are & As They Could Be’ reflects some of those facets.


Surroundings stand high as the first source of inspiration for creative souls around the world. Artists pick shimmering bits from the lanes of their life and moments. Not just that, they catch amusing waves around to churn their brainy nerves. Putting them together, they end up with some scintillating works. Taking that line, an artist named Teagan White has earned name and fame with their evoking portraits in the domain.

Having spent their years in the Midwest, the artist seems to be full of creative urges. From their days of biking through the area, they have won precious themes for their art pieces. Taking a look at the stirring moments, they have come a long way with their iconic art pieces. Not just that, they have also let their creativity offer the prism to behold the bubbling bits through a different angle.


As a result, the artist has been making waves with their stunning art pieces in the art world. These art pieces provide the fertile ground for flora and fauna beauties to live a new life. Not just that, they also vouchsafe the liberty to them to leave behind their typical way of life and surroundings. They go on fitting into an all-new world and setting. White’s outlook let them blur the line that divides the two spheres.

The amusing flora and fauna souls breathe free to cherish their life taking to new heights. Not just that, they sometimes end up leaving their viewers stunned with their unprecedented arrangements. Pooling their creative perspectives, the artist has come with the series: ‘Things As They Are & As They Could Be’. Bringing the best to the fore, they have used various media: gouache, watercolor, and colored pencil.


One can cherish the fascinating bits by marveling at the art pieces. One can come across his artwork “Oasis” (watercolor and gouache on paper, 20 inches x 20 inches). It presents branches leaving their tree world and submerging in water. Not just that, one can see fish ruling both the air and water world.

In “Citadel” (watercolor, gouache, and colored pencil on paper, 20 x 20 inches), one can see the king of the sky, Eagle, sharing its tree space with some fish. These fish differ from their real-life counterpart. The pointed tree branches pierce through the queens of the water world. Apart from that, one can come across both living and dead birds hanging in flowers, trees, etc. To one’s astonishment, one can see the feathery birds having floral beings passing through their bodies.


Thus, White has worked out not only lively bits in their artworks. But they have also shaped the truth of death in their creative world in the best possible manner. The two contrasting facets go hand in hand with ease in their artworks.

Art lovers can find every reason to one’s heart and nerves at the iconic portrayal of the two worlds. To satiate one’s artistic cravings, one can look for White’s art gems in the social media world. Not just that, one can also make way to their shop to grab one’s favorite prints, stickers and elements.