Stained-Glass Sculptures By Elena Zaycman Showcase Three Dimensional Insects And Botanics

An artist named Elena Zaycman has hogged the limelight for her stained-glass elements. The St. Petersburg-based artist goes ahead to produce three-dimensional Botanic and other creatures. The vibrant artworks present a range of species in the domain. Her decade-old experience in the field goes a long way in bringing her best on the surface through her vibrant translucent designs.


The stained glass art form is back into the mainstream scenario. Many creative souls are experimenting in the domain to shape some out of the world bits in the sphere. They are extending that magic to various themes to work out some heart-warming bits for art lovers. Thus, gone are the days when they used to reflect few narratives. Contributing to that facet, Elena Zaycman has been making waves with her vibrant art pieces.

Elena began her stint in the domain in a different way. She joined hands with her sister and ushered her skills to come up with life-size stained glass sculptures. The large art pieces used to demand her persistent efforts and time. Not just that, they also involved their complex installation. She used to put them up in homes and other places that provided her with enough spaces. Having made a mark in the sphere of large and permanent art pieces, she began to look for a change.


Then, she wanted to work out art pieces that could overcome space constraints and fit into corners with ease. Making waves in that direction, she went ahead to work on relatively smaller art pieces. Going deep in that domain, she managed to explore her best side. With her decade-old experience, she stands out now. She has cemented her name in the sphere for her stained-glass art pieces.

Shaping some scintillating elements, she deals with vibrant three-dimensional art pieces. Her studio in St. Petersburg provides her with the environment to come up with beautiful art pieces. She shapes Botanical delights and insects using stained-glass pieces. They present a range of themes and species on her art platter. Her masterpieces come with fleshy petals and curved leaves. Not just that, they also refract light to have scintillating shadows with their vibrant designs.


To catch the best on the board, one can take a ride through her art world. “The Tulips” (2021) wins hearts with vibrant tulips making waves with their shimmering green leaves. They go a long way in striking a chord with their real-life counterparts. Moving ahead, “Banana Leaf” (2019) presents a fresh banana leaf setting the stage with its iconic details.

Adding to that delight, “The Foxglove” (2021) gets on the board with its out of the world charm. Subtle hues come up beautifully to adorn the scene. “Flower” (2019) wins heart with a scintillating blend of hues flowing around.


Apart from that, one can also breathe in green hues with “Elkhorn Fern” (2019. Taking that line, one can come across “Licuala Palm” (2019). Not just that, one can also bask in the insect magic with her art pieces. Taking that turn, one can find vibrant moths. They come up with heart-warming hues and shimmer to make a mark in the domain.

Her artworks stand on par with their real-life counterparts because she uses her travel experiences and explorations as her inspiration.

Celebrating the stained-glass art, she has got her charm in the second edition of ‘We Are Makers’. She also satiates her fans by selling prints of her art pieces. Her social media accounts add to that.