Series Of Sheet Ghost Thriving In Photographs By Karen Jerzyk

An artist named Karen Jerzyk has pulled down the trigger of childhood ‘ghostly’ adventures by shooting the haunting scenes in Yellow Dog Village of Pennsylvania. Karen has put up her friends and well-wishers donning white sheet in front of the wrecked and gloomy buildings to captures some nerve whining scenes. Her photographs are sending scary waves around the world.


Halloween day tops the chart of favorite days in a kid’s life. The little nuggets wait for the exhilarating day to show their ghost talents. Among all the costumes, the white sheet with two eye holes has always won their hearts. Taking the childhood fascination up in her latest project, an artist named Karen Jerzyk has come out with some scary photographs.

It all started when Karen Jerzyk was enjoying one of her trips to Florida and California. She halted at a wrecked and deserted village in Pennsylvania named Yellow Dog Village. The dark and gloomy atmosphere of the place made her blood run cold and ignited the wave of childhood thrill. Grabbing the bits of the village (like the crumbled homes, dark roads, etc.); she ended up giving it the title of a haunted village.

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The scare factor enveloping the village pulled up the curtains for her. Hence, she ended up taking that factor for her project. To make her project look real, she decided to fuse its dark elements with her childhood Halloween zeal. For that, the ghost donning a white sheet (ghost rob) with two eye holes seemed apt to her. After putting up her plan, she embarked for the exhilarating photographic journey. She worked out the places that could suit her theme.

Then she approached her friend and her well-wishers with the proposal of being the white ghosts of her project. That was the easiest task for her. Taking on that, she said, “It’s a character someone can instantly be anywhere”. Not just that, she also coaxed her mother to be the one in New Hampshire. However, she has not donned the role herself till now.

She also shed light on the connection of the theme with her childhood days. She shared, “It instantly makes me think of my childhood, and there’s something magical about it—if you were a kid growing up with no resources to get or make a halloween costume (I was never that kid, but always had friends that were, and helped many make their costumes over the years), there was ALWAYS a way to be a ghost”.

One could see her friend Deana donning the rob and posing in front of the Haunted Overload in New Hampshire. Her boyfriend also created a terrific scene for her by posing in the dark night after a snowstorm. Not just that, her friend Michelle sent the icy waves by standing in front of a haunted on a snow-covered surface. Lexy, on the other hand, stood on a green patch of grass in front of a house. Kyle posed with alacrity on a foggy road along the coast of northeastern Massachusetts. Her mother added to their charm.

There is a lot more to make the art lovers go crazy with the haunting vibes. They can check out the thrilling pack of photographs by heading to her Instagram page. The artist pours out her plans and future projects on that platform.

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