Satirical Paintings By Toni Hamel Depicts Subjects Involved In Futile Pursuits

An artist named Toni Hamel has changed the art narrative with her vibrant art pieces. The artist from Oshawa (Toronto) has come up with her subjects lost in ensuring the completion of surreal tasks that ensconce far away from the exhausted real world. She has been adding the whimsical art stars to the ‘High Tides and Misdemeanors’ since 2017.


Few are the artists who ditch the rules and norms of a normal living by embracing creative alleys. They twitch the old lines of depictions and pour out their heart and soul in their artworks. For them, the canvas provides a way out of the stale delight of the art. An artist named Toni Hamel has taken to the vibrant sphere. She is rocking the art sphere with her vibrant art pieces.

The artist from Oshawa (Toronto) is weaving her glory by bending her way out of the established sphere of the art world. She uses the power of her paintings to depict the world thriving on the other side of the real one. She brings out the surreal lifestyle and elements on the canvas to deviate the viewpoints of the worldly souls. She does not shy away from putting the contrasting things together to tickle the sensing nerves of the art lovers.

She nudges her audience to twist their outlook and way of interpretation to grab the embedded meanings and themes of the art pieces. Her subjects stand out from their real counterparts by engaging their souls and hearts in surreal tasks and exhausting pursuits. For instance, in “Loves Me Loves Me Not” (2020) (oil on canvas 12 x 12 inches), one can see a couple spending time together by putting and arranging the fallen petals back on the flower. Looks like, the ‘loves me loves me not’ game has ended at a soothing tone for the couple.

In “The Harvest” (2020) (oil on canvas, 12 x 16 inches), two children walk over to their dream world to fulfill their fantastical desires. They carry a basket and pull out the twinkling stars festooning the night sky. And, they seem to be in no mood to leave without having their baskets brimming with the shining delights.

“The Prototype 1” (2020) (oil on canvas, 12 x 16 inches) depicts a gentleman trying to put an oversize pigeon in line with the design of his choice.

How about gathering the fading strips of a white tiger? Well, Toni has worked out that too in her “The Replacement” (2019) (oil on canvas, 14 x 18 inches). A man pulls out the black strips off the tiger to replace them. Meanwhile, the big cat sits and waits with patience to see the vibrant change.

“Family Night In Kodachrome” (2020) (oil on panel, 12 x 12 inches) depicts a family spending time together by looking at the wet green paint getting dry on the wall in front of them.

Two men are busy in resurrecting and arraying the charm of the flowers by painting them fresh in “Ikebana 3” (2020) (oil on canvas, 18 x 18 inches).

Well, Toni has been adding to the ‘High Tides and Misdemeanor’ since 2017. Taking on that, she shared, “It confronts us with the repercussions of our actions and denounces the current thinking models. In this age of alternative realities, ‘fake news’ and a culture that is increasingly more self-absorbed and superficial, I feel that it’s even more important for me to carry on reporting what I must”.