Sandcastles By Calvin Seibert Redefining The Architectural Fantasy

An artist named Calvin Seibert is taking on the art world with his sand structures to redefine the frontiers of architectural fantasy tales. He goes around cementing the grains of sand together to create towers, castles and frontiers donning an all-new look to take the charm of the sand. The artist dreams of disseminating the sand vibes around the world.


Childhood holidays are more about recreational activities than resting spirits. Some lucky nuggets get the chance to let the sea breeze blow through their hair. They roam around piling up the sand to erect some out of the world sandcastles and structures. Grabbing the childhood fun tightly, some of the artists have taken up the fun-time activities as the cornerstone of their careers. One of them is Calvin Seibert.

Sandcastles were never part of time-pass activities for Calvin. There was a strong connection between his soul and the refined grains of sand. His heart could find the gems of solace while crouching for the best sand particles on the beach. Gradually, his love for sand structures overshadowed his life. He began to see his prospects bubbling in the heaps of sands. Starting his artistic spree, he landed at the School of Visual Arts. After grabbing the essential bits of the sand sculpting, he began to put his sand love on the ground.

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The Colorado-born artist explored the beach charm and laid down the foundations of his career. Geometrical shapes, angles, etc. poured down from his mind on the beach. To initiate the series of building moments, he mixes sand particles with water. Then, he cements his sand structures and buildings using trowels and knives. To bestow the pearls of perfectness on his art creations, he shapes the edges in line with his thoughts. Cleaning the edges and corners bit by bit, he goes ahead to define their world.

The artist tries to stand out in the overcrowded world by creating his dimensions. He does not transcend his self-created boundaries by imitating the long-tradition of making structures tracing their roots in the fantasy tales. He builds the castles and structures that reflect on his thought process and line. Taking on that part, he said, “While not all of my structures have quite the rugged fortress-like presence of a Kenzo Tange or a Paul Rudolph building, it is something I aim for. Certainly I see my sandcastles in opposition to those frivolous turreted fantasies that Cinderella would feel at home in”.

To ease his efforts, he carries a five-gallon pail. According to him, it is “indispensable for digging and fetching water, as well as carrying stuff to the beach”.

Shedding light on his love for sand sculpting, he said, “In hindsight I see that much of what I made was more like sculpture. It really was all about the object and its resonant meanings rather than interiors and spatial flow”.

Adding to that, he said, “I always start at the top and work down, taking great care to keep the horizontals level. I pretty much make things up as I go along, allowing surprises and engineering difficulties to shape the castles. Robert Venturi’s prescription of ‘complexity and contradiction’ is always in the back of my mind, while mash-ups of gameshow sets and artillery bunkers are soon added to the mix”.

To cherish more of the sandy towers, the art lovers can move to his Instagram page.

The sandy-vibes are up in the air to fill the world.