Ruby Silvious Creates Watercolor Paintings Against The Backdrop Of Used Tea Bags

An artist named Ruby Silvious unveils the stunning side of tea leaves bags through her alluring art pieces. The artist from New York woos her viewers by translating her thoughts and imagination on the tea bags. She swiftly paints some stunning scenes throwing light on human life. Not just that, the mundane bits also show up on her platter.


The beauty of art does not tether to a static sphere. The rulers of the art world unleash their creativity to scour for the best space present around. They go ahead to turn the insipid bits into stunning canvases for their art pieces to dwell on them. Taking the road less traveled, an artist named Ruby Silvious imbues the art world with the aroma of rejuvenation by breaking ennui strings.

Nurturing her art sphere in her studio in Coxsackie, New York, Ruby looks over the lemming from the other end. She rises with her creativity to plant a thrilling hiatus in the insipid narrative of the art world. To materialize her golden art pieces for the artistic souls, she ends up with her tea platter. Absorbing the worth of a cup of freshness, the artist sits down to adorn the art world with its magic.


For Ruby, the used tea bags do not head to trash bins. They hold an indispensable place in her art world. With the theme of her art pieces hovering in mind, she fits them for her canvas. And, then, she kicks off her project without much ado with her hues. Moving her hand dexterously on the tea bags, she breathes felicity. A stunning scene fills the teabag surface beautifully, coveting the nature of the canvas. Unwinding her creativity to the full, she keeps on painting her imagination alive till she bathes in eternal satiation.

Finally, strings holding the alluring scenes come together to present the artistic narrative. Going through the gems of creativity, one can behold a set of tea five bags reflecting on a snow scene. Apart from that, one can also cherish a tea bag presenting two women catching up with each other for a swim. Hearts blossom up on finding a stunning landscape glistening on four tea bags.


The shadow of pandemic times makes an appearance on her platter with three tea bags supporting a scene showing the vibrant face masks go dry. Allaying the spine-chilling vibes to a great extent, a group of beautiful flamingoes grace the platter. Thus, the art lovers can find all hues of vibrancy on the deck with the platter doing the rounds. From fantasy to mundane scenes, everything comes on the tea bags to entice souls craving for the heart-warming bits.

On taking a closer look to her art pieces, one can come across the fact that she does not stick to a particular kind and shape of tea bags. Some of them support their strings. On the other hand, others come up in ripped form signaling their use.


To the delight of her admirers, there are many ways to reach and cherish her art pieces. They can look for her 2019 release Reclaimed Canvas that houses some of the alluring tea bag bits. Also, she is working on another book to savor her fans. Her solo shows are lining up in France, Germany, and Japan.

Thus, there is no dearth of opportunities to grab her art pieces shimmering brightly. Till then, one can wade into the social media world and visit her art pieces.