Robert Steven Connett’s Paintings Showcase Mysterious Marine Ecosystems

An artist named Robert Steven Connett steps ahead to celebrate the underwater life thriving around the world. The Los Angeles-based artist goes around exploring the beauty and charm occupying the sea beds and water to get the best on the board. He expands the narrative to hold flora and fauna gems that are gradually losing their existence to changes.


The marine world is the most beautiful treasure thriving in the lap of nature. It opens up the gems of wonder and delight to entice souls. Thus, it is not a surprise that many artists are taking up its enigma as the theme of their art pieces. Making a mark in that field, an artist named Robert Steven Connett takes the narrative far with his masterpieces bubbling with charm.

The Los Angeles-based artist goes miles ahead to script the breathtaking beauty of underwater life in the artistic domain. Exploring the marine life bubbling thriving in water bodies around the world, he boosts his spree with the splash of colors and combinations. No matter whether it is a large picture or a microscopic view of water life, he bends his way by borrowing the intriguing elements shimmering in the narrative.


He moves ahead to throw the flashlight on flora and fauna delights breathing in the iconic sphere. Putting the exhilarating ecosystem on the canvas, he surges ahead to bring in the broader picture of the current trend ruling over the marine world. Pushing up the bar of realism, he tries to highlight the devastating facet of climate change in the context of underwater life. Thus, he paints out the organisms that are teetering on the brink of extinction around the world.

While delving into the art pieces, one can find the striking similarities between them and Ernst Haeckel’s illustrations. But they stand apart with different color schemes and elements dotting the canvas.


In his “Devouring Star Jelly”, one can see the beauty of Jelly fish mingling with the grace of microscopic bodies. One can cherish the evolution of the beauty of the marine ecosystem in vibrant hues and sheen. “Hydroza” carries the legacy forward with the presence of heart-wining color picks. “Flower Mimic” is another gem in the narrative bubbling on the canvas to win the likes of art lovers. Going deeper, one can encounter a similar trend weaving them together. There is no dearth of evoking bits on the platter to the delight of visitors.

Shedding light on the curiosity factor in his works, he shared, “I don’t want to sully the pictures I paint with death and ugliness. I’m afraid the news of the real world will supply plenty of that”.


Adding to that, he said, “In the shadow of a withering planet, I create worlds that are lush and thriving. I hope my work can encourage and uplift those who are disheartened by the climate crisis. However, creating a memory of a time when our world was stable is not enough. We all must do everything we can to lessen the causes of the crisis”.

Thus, they go a long way in reflecting on the perturbing reality of their sphere. To get the best of the experience in the sphere, one can check out his works, prints, and other products shimmering in his art shop. Apart from that, one can head to the ever-ready social media platform to see his gems waving at the art lovers, underlining the iconic beauty strands and the present crisis breathing around.