Recycled Scraps And Discarded Objects Are Used In Barbara Franc’s Eccentric Metal Animals

An artist named Barbara Franc rocks the sphere of her art with her penchant for recycling. The London-based artist takes a stroll around to gather the discarded awful bits to adorn her world of wonder and bliss. She sets the copper wireframe up to go on adding other elements. Finally, she ends up with the iconic metal sculptures celebrating movements.


Recycling has finally found the wind beneath to take on the art world and inspire some of the remarkable art themes and facets. The creative souls are advancing to explore its potential and limits and paint the fresh outlook for the art lovers. Taking the line of thought forward, an artist named Barbara Franc has come up with a platter full of such stunning artistic examples to embellish the list.

The London-based artist surges ahead to create the best out of the waste waiting to breathe their last moments in the bins. She loves to scrounge for her artistic gold featuring in the yard sales, thrift stores, builder’s dumpsters and other shopping corners. Not just that, she also keeps her eyes on to spot the gold lacing the trails and lanes around her. Her soul puts the notes on whenever the treasure of art makes an appearance on the board. Thus, she touches upon every cornerstone to get the best on her pallet.


Going over the board, she gathers the copper wire to weave the wire net frame for her art pieces. After getting done with the edifice, she surges ahead to add the other bits to her wiry canvas. Moving ahead on that, she ends up creating some iconic metal sculptures that celebrate movements and gyrations in the environment. The scraps come up beautifully to script the narration for the art lovers and admirers on the other side.

One can find the windscreen wipers, dog leads, keys, cupboard handles, cutlery, biscuit tins, old spanners, metal clips, costume jewelry, clock and watch pieces, et al setting the stage for the art lovers lingering around the world of wonder.


Going through the lanes, one can find the owls featuring on the art shelves in different poses to entice the viewers looking for some thrill and amusement. Not just that, the ‘metallic’ cats also pop on the screen to savor the unsatiated quests for breaking the limits and possibility moulds. Expanding the recycling delight, one can also relish a rabbit waiting earnestly for the beaming eyes to land over its charm and grace.

A swan also takes up the metallic bliss and hues to leave the viewers in astonishment for its charm securing the acme.


Thus, art lovers can secure the best view and facets by grasping the iconic bits and elements in her abode. Taking on her art panache, she shared, “It is more about a very positive feeling of respect for the huge diversity of life on our wonderful planet and the knowledge that Life itself will always be there. Animals just symbolize that for me in an uncomplicated and direct approach as there is no human element to confuse the issue”.

Art lovers can dive deep into her sphere of recycling wonder with a few clicks in the social media world. Not just that, one can also pay a visit to her shop to catch the best of her art sphere. Hence, there are many gateways for her admirers to approach her metallic recycled sculptures.

The recycling wave is thus weaving the reliable edifice for best-in-class art.