Photos By Kilian Schönberger Show Sunlight Filtering Through Misty Spruce Forests

A photographer named Kilian Schönberger brings the spruce charm to the center of affairs in the art world through his mesmerizing pictures. They capture the iconic beauty of spruce land in the Bavarian Alps and the southeastern border that are reeling under the impact of the climate crisis. Bundling the stunning scenes, he has come with ‘Endorsement for Spruce Forests’.


A walk through nature is enough to stir the creative being lurking inside one. The relieving facets of the natural beauty get to the fore to shape the artistic spree in the sphere. Many vibrant bits evolve in the domain to unwind the scintillating layers thriving under neglect. Not just that, these strolls also bring out corners that are braving the onslaughts of never-ending human aspirations. A photographer named Kilian Schönberger has unveiled those evoking elements through his stunning photographs.

Spruce forests rule the beauty of mountains across the world. They dominate the scene at the higher elevations to add stars to that narrative. However, their population is seeing a decline with the impacts of the climate crisis burgeoning with passing time. The mixed case of bark beetle rise and droughts has brought down their charm in the sensitive area of Germany during 2020. The Bavarian Alps and the southeastern border have seen the heart-wrenching decline to set the caveat bells on for Europe.


Taking note of the fire of diminution in the region, Kilian Schönberger put on his camera and ventured out (2021). He advanced with the spruce forests lining his way. They came up beautifully with their green surroundings to make a perfect setting for their pictures. The misty background created a fascinating effect for the explorer around. Sun rays sieved through the mist to add to the stunning scenery. Not just that, shimmering trails unwound through the soothing surroundings to take that narrative to another level.

Putting his photography flair at work, he went ahead to capture the bubbling beauty before him. Not just that, he also endured matching his photographic senses with the time to come up with his artworks. He also endured shedding light on the declining trend raging in the scenario. Going through the starry show, one can come across heart-warming shades of sun rays illuminating the spruce charm. The orange and yellow shades eventually give way to pink to take one back with the eternal beauty. In another picture, one can cherish the soothing shades of blue, white and green mingling into one another. The misty bits come as icing on the cake to serve a treat to their viewers.


Taking on that, he shared, “Huge woods were destroyed by the bark beetle within a few weeks. Since the lowlands are not the natural habitat of the spruce the bark beetles just restored the balance of nature… In the Eastern Bavarian mountain ranges with higher precipitation, I was looking for natural spruce forests and found a wood wonderland. That’s the area where almost homogeneous spruce forests will also grow in the next decades.”

Not just the photographic luster but the adventurous trails also invite him to the region. Thus, Kilian Schönberger keeps on taking on the treacherous paths in the region time and again. Reflecting on his penchant for that, his social media platforms are in spate with his adventure stories and thrilling his followers on the other side.

One can check out his social media accounts to relish the spruce beauty. His site also provides the opportunity for their prints.