Ornate Fabrics Cloak Models In Portraits By Markus Akesson

An artist named Markus Akesson has the set of the world of paintings on fire by tossing up his stunning portraits. He ropes in models clad in fabrics supporting printed floral patterns. Covered from head toe, their bodies hide with only the outline visible in the paintings. The artworks are a part of his series- “Now You See Me”.


Paintings offer a world full of amusement and wonder to the viewers. They make the art lovers walk an alley to reach the real meaning of the artworks. On the same time, the art space gives enough space to the viewers to carry the interpretation in their way. Grabbing the liberty prevailing in the domain, an artist named Markus Akesson has come up with a set of paintings representing covered figures.

Akesson finds a sense of joy and fulfillment in his color palette and paintbrushes. But his style of carrying on his works separates him from the set of other painters on the field. He designs not only the themes for his artworks but also the prints on the fabrics that hold an indispensable place in his paintings. The traditional and floral prints help him find the heart of his paintings. The fabrics with him have no particular shape and form.

After getting done with the printing part, he finally moves ahead to set the tones for his paintings. Markus takes the fabrics to the models and covers them with them from head to toes. Thus, the patterns glisten on the models with only the outlines of their bodies showing up. Setting the background right for his art spree, he then holds on his paintbrush and put his skills to test. Following the patterns bit by bit, he goes ahead subtly to come up with a stunning painting.

“The Grove” (2020) (oil on canvas, 180 x 140 centimeters) portrays a figure clad with a fabric supporting golden floral patterns. The green leaves in the background add to the charm of the theme. “Now You See Me” (2019) (oil on canvas, 180 x 140 centimeters) presents a figure clad in white and blue fabric. The covered subject poses with his head towards the viewers and his body positioned before the wall donning the same blue pattern.

“At the heart of it all (2020) (oil on canvas, 60 x 50 centimeters) presents another figure carrying out the fashion of complete cladding. The painting captures only its upper body. Taking the things higher, “In the quiet morning” (2020) (oil on canvas, 145 x 100 centimeters) portrays a figure posing gracefully in red floral against the white background.

They are a part of “Now You See Me” series.

According to the artist, “(The models) became a secret. Instead, I started to tell a story within the pattern itself, like a sub-narrative in the painting”.

Taking on his art, he shared, “I have always been interested in patterns, I am drawn to the repetition and the rhythm. I did a lot of paintings with people that were surrounded by patterns, different surfaces, and materials, almost drowning in them. Eventually, they became completely covered in fabrics”.

Thus, the paintings present his continuous efforts at unraveling the mysteries of art. His works are to rock the world by making their way at Da-End Gallery in Paris. The Swedish artist looks in no mood to halt his exploration spree in the art world.

The complete cladding trend in his paintings offers a new sphere for art lovers.