Murals By Rosie Woods Has Trompe L’oeil Textiles Billow In Iridescent Ripples

An artist named Rosie Woods has set the ground for breathtaking murals with her vibrant art pieces. The London-based artist spray paints fabric ripples to let her creativity do the talk. It looks like a breeze is swaying the fabric. Not just that, they also mirror the fluid nature of human lives. She also creates mini versions of her murals.


Creativity and perspectives match tunes to make way for some out of the world art pieces. They manage to shimmer with a unique charm and materialize their creator’s thoughts and emotions beautifully. Thus, it is not a wonder to come across art pieces that celebrate their unique theme and idea vibrantly. Adding to that platter, an artist named Rosie Woods has earned a name with her scintillating murals.

For the London-based artist, fabrics are there not only for the sake of clothing. They churn inspirational bliss for her. Their movements set her brain nerves on and nudge her to dig deep with her thinking. Going that way, she manages to draw a parallel between them and human life. The ripples and waves in fabrics as wind flow by them imitate the fluid nature of human lives.


Working on the creative theme, she goes ahead to make way for her alluring art pieces. With the palette of vibrant hues by her side, she braces herself up for scintillating trompe l’oeil murals. Moving ahead bit by bit, she goes on to spray paint ribbons and other fabric pieces. Not just that, they shimmer iconically to imitate their real counterparts when winds pass by them. Ripples, waves and twists come up stunningly on the fabric to highlight the theme in the best possible manner. Adding to that, they also mirror the combination of abstraction and realism.

Cherishing the best on the board, one can take a look at her murals. The “Veils of Knowledge” presented at the Grenoble Street Art Festival in France shows her love for specific schemes of hues. Adorning one side of a building, alluring and colorful fabric makes waves to win hearts around. In another of her art piece, she sticks to the same color palette to paint vibrant fabric swaying across the façade of the building. She lets the fabric waves and ripples expand, keeping in mind the size of her canvass.


Apart from that, one can also find fabric bunches bursting on the wall with pearls adding glitters. In another of her art pieces, one can see bright colors coming up beautifully. They go on covering the entire wall.

Her murals do not present a mere flow of colors. Taking on that part, she shared, “I often wonder what my soul would look like if it manifested itself as an object I could see and touch on this earth. My artwork today looks to express the depth, growth, and complexity of the mind as well as its ability to encompass both light and dark spaces emotionally. I’d like to think you can “feel” my artwork with your eyes.”


Well, the artist does not restrict herself to murals. So if you are suppressing your wish to have one in your home, then you can cheer up. She goes ahead to come up with mini versions of her art pieces. Thus, one can make way to her shop and marvel at her masterpieces. Adding to that, one can find many of them ready for sale.

To keep track of her projects, one can take to social media.