Monumental Murals Of Anatomical Creatures In Puerto Rico Celebrate Its Biodiversity

An artist named ROA has adorned the art world lanes with his stunning murals in Puerto Rico. The Belgian street artist has gone ahead to bring the rich biodiversity of the Island into the light. Using buildings as his canvas, he has painted life-size birds and animals native to the area. One can find 15 murals bubbling under the theme.


Murals are rising to the fore as a trending art way for creative souls to express their thoughts and materialize their artistic intentions. One can see beautiful paintings adorning streets and buildings to let the art do the talk. These stunning art pieces manage to allure passerby and press on their themes. Making an addition to that narrative, an artist named ROA has set the tones with his scintillating murals.

For artists, tours and travels are not the way of leisure only. They come up as inspirational means and tone their creative urges. ROA takes this fact to his heart. That’s why while exploring Puerto Rico; he has ended up painting his signature steps. The Belgian artist has dived into the rich biodiversity of the Island and has highlighted it through his murals.


The monochromatic menagerie bubble around the area to pitch in for his intentions. To shape the narrative in the best possible way, he has painted life-size murals of animals and birds native to the area. Not just that, he has also provided the platform to other species that entice visitors to the Island. His creations highlight the presence of alluring beings in the area.

Not just that, they also shed light on the undying efforts of biologists and conservationists in the region. They are putting in their might to shield the vibrant biodiversity from the onslaught of so-called development. Thus, one can see the multi-dimensional lines running through his murals. One can breathe into its beauty by taking a stroll in the art lanes.


Red Tail Hawk in Humacao(November 2018) presents a native bird with its wild charm. Rising tall with the height of the building, it perches on a pole to win hearts with its look. Apart from that, one can also find the Puerto Rican Parrot in Utuado (July 2019). The feathery creature peeps out of a green structure to greet one in the green surroundings. Not just that, one can also come across Octopus in Playa Escambron (July 2019)that sprawls across the white wall of the building.

One can also see the Snail in Aibonit (January 2019) trying to scale the staircase to reach the top. The Seahorse in Playa Escambron comes up beautifully with its marine charm. Adding to the portrayal of animals, one can also find some murals highlighting the striking truths of life and death.


Taking that line, one can come across Manatee in Isla de Cabras (April 2021). The 160 feet artwork presents a manatee with a skeleton by its side. Adding to that, one can also find the evoking skeleton of Monkey in Naguabo (November 2018).

Thus, his art pieces are not mere depictions of animals and birds of the area. They go a long way in throwing light on other facets of the narrative to a great extent. One can dive into nature’s depth with his murals. To present a scintillating peep, he has worked out 15 murals. He has joined hands with the Elegel Group.

To have more of his art, one can check out the bubbling social media platforms and their corners.