Monumental Macramé Installations Across a Seaside Structure in Bali Stretch Over 37 Feet

An artist named Agnes Hansella has adorned an open-air structure with vibrant scenes evolving through ropes hanging down from the ceiling. She has worked a trio of macramé installations in only 12 days in Bali. The Jakarta-based artist has managed to showcase three artworks- “Mountain”, “Ocean”, and “Sunset”. Each of the knotted works sprawls more than 37 feet wide.


Nature has inspired the creative souls looking for revival and rejuvenation of its bits and corners. Different mediums and materials go a long way in facilitating their art spree. Not just that, they help them in working out the best facets in the domain. Going that way, an artist named Agnes Hansella has provided a refreshing look and form to a structure, matching with the stunning charm of the surroundings.

The Jakarta-based artist loves to weave mesmerizing narrative with the beauty and versatility of fibers. Not just that, she keeps her spree in line with the features of the landscape thriving around. Her creativity then takes an upper hand in arraying them in scintillating way. Her works around the country and different parts of the world shed light on that part. Her recent endeavor in Bali has taken the narrative to another level.


An open-air structure in the city saw the waves of revival hurtling towards it when she landed there to work out the magical bits. Keeping in mind the natural beauty of the place, she went ahead to manifest that part creatively. The coastal surroundings of Jimbaran added to her plans and themes. She settled down for macramé to shape her art pieces. She teamed up with new people for the project.

After putting out a rough sketch of the installations, she began cutting manila ropes with a hacksaw. After that, she went ahead poising them on scaffolding to array them in the best way. By and by, they managed to shape three installations reflecting on the natural beauty of the place. Finally, after pouring efforts for 12 days, they got finished the project. Hansella christened them in line with their themes. One can find a stunning sunset scene evolving through “Sunset”. Not just that, one can cherish similar depictions ruling the case of “Mountain” and “Ocean”.


Covering most of the part of the structure, each of them sprawls more than 37 feet wide. The asymmetric patches bring out the charm of coral, waves and birds for viewers. The ropes flow down the ceiling to let the intended scenes come up beautifully through the installations. Adhering to the impromptu urges, they attained their form on the spot with an original rough sketch.

Taking on that part, she shared, “I was never good with drawing pictures, so the finished design is mostly something I came up with on location. I change them a lot based on my instinct and situation. With macramé techniques, the ropes have their own will and character so as the artist I follow them and see what can and can not work.”


The Flowerbloom Studio commissioned the project to add to the beauty of the site. Agnes strives to expand her domain by checking out the charm of tufting and fiber sculpture in the coming days. Her collection gets enough on the shelves to satiate the art cravings of art lovers. For instance, one can find wall hangings, etc., adorning her sphere. One can take to her shop to cherish other art gems on the board. Social media platforms also work out the bliss.