Masks By Threadstories Comment On Selfhood And Social Media

It is not easy to think of the ways to demonstrate a simulacrum uncommonly but some artists can do it just with the help of simple things. Now, think of a mask, how can you contemplate knitting it differently. Well, here’s the answer.


The Irish artist, threadstories has the mastery in making full-face masks that include fringe and knotted details. The idea behind this artwork is to show the difference in the contemporary portrayals of a human’s public and private life. The artist herself poses to obtain a face that has an unclear expression. And in a few pictures, you can see that either mouth or eyes are conspicuous.

threadstories apprised that the way of creating all of these artworks is quite similar. It begins with crocheting the balaclava and then further detailing is done as per the need. Afterward, these are given the form of tufts. “The yarns I use when tufting will create an endless array of outcomes from the same technique.” She continues, “The choice of yarn can mean the difference between a mask with a lot of movement or a mask with a strong form that can be brushed and manipulated to hold numerous forms.”

Behind her, there’s a gray backdrop and after the completion of the photoshoot, the cluster of photographs is given new birth. “Generally speaking, I am working intuitively, with no design or drawings in advance. I am thinking with my hands” She further added, “For me, it is the photograph or mask on film that is the artwork, not the physical mask. I don’t create pieces like a designer might. The masks are always in a state of flux.”

We, as humans, have the innate proclivity to make our private and public life translucent. Not everything needs to be shown to the world, that’s is how one sets the priority. The same is the reason behind this representation. As per the artist herself, “The masks are sometimes monstrous, other times farcical façades that poke at the performative nature social media cultivates and celebrates.”To find more such artworks, you can follow the artist on Instagram and get regular updates.