Madriguera Workshop’s Minimal Ceramics Comprise Of Quirky Faces And Limber Vases

A Workshop named Madriguera Workshop has come up with white vases, trays, planters, etc. They stand out from their other counterparts in the market for their characteristics. The handcrafts come with legs, curves and faces to delve in the human surroundings. The white elements look alive with the add-ons while serving their purpose to the best for the owners.


Ceramics and clay pieces have become the star of the art world with their out of the world features. They adorn the shelves to mirror the thoughts and perspectives of their creators creatively. They go on erasing the line of impossibilities and draw the wonders of fantasy. Working out the stunning facet, a workshop named Madriguera Workshop has taken into the limelight with its mindboggling clay handcrafts on the board.

The Galicia-based studio keeps adding charm to the platter of clay items in the market with the wave of creativity inundating the platform. With Lydia de la Piñera and Luis Llamas donning mantle, the workshop manages to work out many stunning art pieces for the art lovers. It does not stick to a corner in the arena. It keeps on experimenting with the bits that suit the human world in the best possible manner.


As a result of constant poring over the lines of similarities between the handcrafts and human world, the studio comes up with a platter of vases, trays, planters, etc., for the art lovers. The art pieces shimmer in the brightest way owing to their stunning features. The handcrafts come bubbling with hands, arms and faces to resemble the human lanes.

The white handcrafts go well with the surroundings and nature of their presentation. They come on the counter in vibrant shapes and ideas to illuminate the sphere of the art lovers. The soberness of the art pieces matches up with the stunning creativity to win the hearts around them.

Taking a stroll through the art lanes, one can find the platter full of the pearls of wonder. The white planters with two legs sit on the wooden shelves with plants forming their head and spikes. They come in different sizes, taking after the dissimilarities lacing the human world. Another planter hangs down with cactus occupying its space.


Apart from them, one can also find trays with weird faces having an eye and elongated nose on their surface. Not just that, one can also cherish similar pattern in serving bowls. A pot also features on the platter donning the subtle expression and holding a green life.

Moving ahead, one can also grab planters with four legs holding some other green beings. The pattern and design go on altering in the sphere with another planter having an inverted U-shape with eight legs poising the art piece. Well, the beverage lovers can also bag a pearl on the platter. They are mugs carrying the similar facial expression to woo the hearts with their simplicity.


Thus, there is enough for all and sundry in the clay world of the workshop.

The art workshop has made a mark with its subtle face tray racing up to get the place of a finalist in the 2020 Etsy Design Awards. The art lovers can look ahead to place their favorite picks from the platter in their home corners as many of the art pieces are available for sale.

Not just that, the social media world also goes ahead to cater to the desires and cravings of the art lovers for the handcrafts.