Kaleidoscopic Illustrations Of Dogs By Marina Okhromenko

An artist named Marina Okhromenko added to the broad spectrum of colorful illustrations by bringing the emotional bits to the fore. Marina worked out twelve dogs evolving in the color streaks to carry different feels and emotions. The digital art pieces combine the charm of different shades to disseminate the salience of emotions in our lives.


Human behavior is scaling the height to make way to the canvass. Artists around the world are embarking themselves on the trail of exploration to hunt out the elements that condition human reactions. Some of them have gone an extra mile to mould their findings in the form of artworks. Taking a unique trail in that domain, an artist named Marina Okhromenko has tried to light up the theme with her digital illustration.

Okhromenko was jostling for the artistic bits that could form the edifice of her project. The artist also the publisher of ORE labs (a notebook design of company) wanted to take up a unique theme to festoon the ‘arTTask’ of the company. Finally, her brainy nerves landed on the salience of emotions in one’s life. She decided to fuse the vibrant elements of human psychology with the grace of art.

Working out the designs and patterns of her art pieces, she took up the magic of digital illustration. The Moscow-based artist put the dogs- human’s best friends at the centre of her project to paint out different emotions of human beings. She put together the charm of various vibrant shades to lay down the floor of her illustrations. Spilling out the colors on her canvass, she went ahead to accommodate them in streaks. Gradually, the dog faces started to evolve on her canvass with the lines of emotions.

Going ahead with the theme, she ended up putting twelve dogs in line in her digital illustrations. The bubbles of countenance sprang up to shed enough light on the theme for the viewers. One could grab the roots by observing the streaks on the canvass. A dog sprinkles around its moments of joy and amusement with the colorful vibes flowing out from its face in one of her illustrations. Another furry creature looks up with its head dwindling in proud to bring out the flexibility of emotions.

Not just that, aggression also pops up on the frame with one of the colorful canines looking straight at the viewers with burning red eyes.

The colorful illustrations take the artist back to her childhood days when she used to find the moments of amusements in looking through the magic of kaleidoscope. Taking on that part, she shared, “As a child, my favorite toy was a kaleidoscope—you take and mix different colored pieces, and the result is always beautiful. A similar aesthetic in my work is my unique voice.”

Shedding some light on the technological spree making its way in that dimension, she said, “We are seeing this more and more as high-tech companies decorate their walls and surrounding spaces with interesting illustrations. In our environment, we call this neuro-office. I’m interested in how to design a personal space to combine the simplicity of minimalism with the beauty of fireworks.”

Want to lock your eyes in more of her illustrations? Then, you can check out her Instagram page flooding with shades. Not just that, the platform of Behance can also dig out some of her gems for you.

So are you set for the digital art revolution?