Jo Brown’s Illustrations Explore Flora And Fauna Observed Throughout The Devon Countryside

An artist named Jo Brown has pieced together her efforts of years in her ‘Nature Journal’ to hit out with a book- ‘Secrets of a Devon Wood’. The artist from the United Kingdom has spent years moving around the countryside- Devon to explore and examine the flora and fauna kingdom thriving in the lap of nature with her vibrant illustrations.


Nature has always been the domain of amusement and bliss for human beings. It has inspired artists and creative souls to come with their best side. Not just that, it opens up the world of wonder to relieve the stressed nerves around. Cherishing the inexorable bounties of nature, an artist named Jo Brown has come up with her vibrant illustrations.

Jo knows the salience nature holds in poising human lives and emotions. She is well-aware of the routes that lead one to the region of bliss and soothing. Thanks to her bond with the nature around her, the United Kingdom-based artist soaks in pool of eternal satiation. Jo lives in Devon. She thus enjoys the privilege of being close to nature. Her home bubbles in the green vibes of forests and vegetation.

Cherishing her locality to the full, she takes on the trail leading to the green bounties. Not just that, she also gives enough heed to the fauna thriving around her. She spends her time in looking out for the elements of amusements. Her eyes look around for the organisms that oblige her with their benign presence.

Jo goes ahead to explore their features and life to understand them. Not just that, the artist inside her powers up to record her observations artistically. She uses color pencils and pens to draw a vibrant illustration of the subject of her examination. Then, she goes ahead to pen down its scientific and common name. Apart from that, she also writes down the date of her observation and a few characteristics of the beings. Adding to that, one can also see the location counts of the encounter with the subject, weather and day on the page.

Well, she follows a pattern of coming up with the drawings. She generally begins to draw from the edge of the page in her notebook and then moves ahead across the page.

One can cherish her art by going through her illustrations. For instance, one can see a zoomed drawing of a buff-tailed bumblebee enjoying its time on the green grass and leaves. The black and yellow creature dons the scientific name- Bombus Terrestris. Jo has described it as a social insect that lives in a colony. She has gone ahead to add some other bits about it.

Moving ahead, one can see a common crossbill on a cone. The artist has written its scientific name as Loxia curvirostra. Then, she has written about its features. For instance, she has explained adults as ‘brightly’ colored with males donning the red or orange shades. On the other hand, females appear in green or yellow. She has also pointed to its mandibles that cross at the tip.

To the delight of the art lovers, she has compiled her examinations and explorations in her ‘Nature Journal’. The Journal is all set to come up fully in form of a book- ‘Secrets of a Devon Wood’. Her art pieces are rising in the social media world. One can also win a print of the vibrant observation gems from Society6.

Nature is thus in full bloom through art canvas.