Jessica Calderwood Disguises Womanly Figures With Wrinkled Drapery And Orbs

An artist named Jessica Calderwood has turned the lights on the stirring theme of womanhood with her art pieces. Building on society’s outlook towards women figures, she has come with artworks supporting disguised women figures. She sets the line for that thought up by bringing contrasting features. The Indiana-based artist has made use of many elements in her evoking artworks.


The different shades of womanhood have been inspiring many art initiatives around the world. They try to bring out the evoking sides of the theme to boost the process of women empowerment. Some of them let their viewers decided what they want to take away from their creations. Adding some more art vibes to that theme, an artist named Jessica Calderwood has stolen the limelight with her unique and intriguing art pieces on the board in the art world.

Letting her creativity do the talk in the domain, Jessica has comes with odd yet stirring artworks. Observing the attitudes and perceptions regarding women in society, she went ahead with her art spree. Not just that, she took that a step up by grabbing the interaction of female figures with their environment. Taking on that note, she managed to figure out the concealment of the figures and their contribution. Breathing in the intensity of the situation, she decided to reflect on the stirring truth of society with her art pieces.


Presenting the theme with unique strength and influence, she went ahead to bring in contrasting vibes in her art pieces. Making strides in that direction bit by bit, she finally ended up with her creations voicing her thoughts and theme in the best way. They present women figures in disguise, with their features reflecting their presence in the world. Not just that, they seem to be contained in by the environment that prevents them from securing their identity in the domain. Their legs pop out of the structures containing their bodies.

Bringing out the contrasting vibes present in her art pieces, she has used many materials. One can find metalsmithing, jewelry, and wall-based ceramics ruling the scene. They have evolved from enamel, porcelain, polymer clay, and felted wool to boost the theme. Living the theme at its best, one can go around her art pieces. “Digging Heels”(copper, enamel, blown glass, porcelain, glass pins, and milk paint, 4 x 6 x 12 inches) presents two women figures with their legs out and upper bodies in a polka-dotted orb.


“Plop” (copper, enamel, porcelain, glass micro-beads, milk paint, and gold luster, 6 x 8 x 6 inches) also stick to that trend with two legs of a woman figure out in the view. “Ivory Tower” (copper, brass, polymer, blown glass, vintage plastic buttons, glass pinheads, porcelain, milk paint, and enamel, 5 x 10 x 10 inches) shows a woman figure trapped in a cone with her legs out in the air. “Stacked” (aluminum, powder coating, cast bronze, brass, blown glass, ceramic decals, porcelain, and milk paint, 15 x 6 x 6 inches) presents a female’s upper body covered with piles of cloth with her legs shimmering in view.

Shedding light on the theme of art pieces, she shared, “(Their disguise shows) a negation, a censoring or denial of what lies beneath. These anthropomorphic beings are at once, powerful and powerless, beautiful and absurd, inflated, and amputated.”

To have a moving experience of her art, one can make way to Asheville’s Momentum Gallery. Her artworks are on view to entice her art lovers there till September 7. The Indiana-based artist has also got them on her website and her social media platforms.