It’s Time For ‘Microbe Fun’ With Judith Hope’s Enlarged Puppets

An artist named Judith Hope erased the line separating the worlds of microbes and humans. She presented some enlarged puppets of the microorganisms to mingle with human beings. Her creations provide humans with the opportunity to witness their movements closely and grab their dynamism. He art pieces have hit the ceiling of fame with their charm across the globe.


The world of tiny beings has always fascinated the curious souls. They wander around to look for the opportunity to grab some pearls of satiation. No doubt, the invention and advancement in the field of microscopes have lessened out their anxieties. But their desire to feel their life has always choked that satiation. Catching that hard fact, an artist named Judith Hope has worked out some remarkable puppets to bridge the gap between the two contrasting worlds.

It seems like Judith also belonged to the camp of beings who longed to go on an expedition of discovering the world of microbes. Her art creations shed enough light on her locked desire. The artist has taken the world by surprise by unveiling some enlarged puppets of microorganism. No, they are not a part of another kind of insipid puppet show. But these creations go an extra mile to strike a chord with their viewers.

Her art pieces are not mere showpieces. The artist has armed them with the blessing of movement and that too in their own way. Judith has worked out the creative ways to make them show their original shades with the commands of the hands of their owners. For that, the artist has fixed many handles and triggers ushering their movements.

For instance, one could grab hold of a brown-colored virus- bacteriophage with six legs that demonstrates its movements when an individual pushes the trigger. To make the microbes lovers go crazy with joy, a tardigrade, donning pink shade, sits up and sway from one side to another with one push. Not just that but one could also see a puppet of blue-colored bacteria with removable DNA. What makes the viewer spring up with astonishment is the fact that it can also open up to reveal the inner structure of the microbe.

Then the ‘common cold’ puppet turns up. Well, isn’t that sounding a bit scary? But contrary to its name, the ‘common cold’ puppet represents a heart swaying colorful structure. The shining art piece would make one give off the anathema of the common cold.

Tracing back to the genesis of puppets, one comes to know that these puppets were meant to adorn the domain of Tatwood Puppets production of Microbodyssey. Microbodyssey holds a big name in the world of puppetry and shadow theatre that brings out the microscopic world.

To the delight of the microbe lovers, there are ample alternatives for them to cherish the charm of creations. They can grab them doing their stints. Not just that but one can also see the trailer of the show on Vimeo. If these options fall out of the comfort zone of the art lovers, then they can also head to Hope’s Instagram page. They can find a creative platter of her creations there.

The artistic union of microbes and humans is laying down the edifice for the real one.