Installation Embeds Lights Into A Field To Improve Crop Growth

An artist named Daan Roosegaarde has worked out a stunning merger of art, design and science yet again with his recent project. The Dutch artist has come up with an installation that boosts modern farming with red, blue and ultraviolet lights arrayed vertically across a crop. Sprawling around 20,000-square-meters, the project with the title “Grow” aims at improving plant growth.


With technology ruling affairs around the world, there is a wide scope for improvements. Various scientists have worked out the desired bits by shaping the advancements in science. Not just that, artists are also stepping in to make the best of the technological facets. They are adding to the creative moves in various domains. Making the best of the trend, an artist named Daan Roosegaarde has come with a stunning project.

The Dutch artist once paid a visit to a local farm to grab the bits of crop productivity. During that tour, he came across the alarming menace of pesticides. Building on that part, he decided to make strides in the domain. Keeping photobiological technology at the core of his project, he went ahead to work out the lines for his activities. He devoted his studio to it and went on pouring his efforts. Finally, after two years, he saw the successful evolution of his project. He titled it “Grow”. The installation consists of red, blue and ultraviolet lights arrayed vertically across the field of a crop. These scintillating lights keep on shifting to weave a stunning scene.


Not just that, the installation also helps in cutting out the pesticide use by half. The embedded elements of the project go a long way in bolstering plant growth. The “light recipes” go a long way in pushing up the plant productivity and metabolisms to a great extent without getting the use of chemicals. A part of his artist-in-residence program, the lights paint a heart-winning sight at night. Sprawling for around 20,000-square-meters, it puts up an iconic merger of art, design and science.

His work is in line with the Netherlands’ place in the agricultural exports list. The country grabs the second spot, after the USA, to be the largest exporter of agriculture in the world. Not just that, it has made waves in the domain for its sustainable technologies. Going on that line, the artist sees chances for his project to provide the base of improvements in the domain. Not just that, a few alterations can help in realizing its potential in the farming sphere.


Shedding light on the core of his project, he said, “It gives a new meaning to the word ‘agri-culture’ by reframing the landscape as a living cultural artwork.”

The installation thus brings in the rays of improvements in the crop productivity and sustainability of agriculture. The vertical arrangements of lights reflect on the shimmering prospects of the project in the domain. Apart from that, the vibrant field views add to the magic of art and design facets to a great extent. Thus, these lights mirror the heart-winning blend of three spheres- art, design and science for the delight of the viewers.


Well, Roosegaarde does not wish to keep the secrets of his work to himself. He looks forward to power up the waves of creativity and advancements through his installation. For that part, he has decided to have his project tour 40 countries around the world. Thus, the curious souls can seal the chance to grab the essentials. Social-media platforms also provide its glimpse.