Illuminated Streaks Seem To Fall From Trees In Photos By Vitor Schietti

An artist named Vitor Schietti has added another dimension to the photography domain with his artistic viewpoint. Combining his creativity with the beauty of nature, he works out light paintings that take one out of the bounded world. Trees form the subject of his pictures with light streaks coming out vibrantly. His series- Impermanent Sculptures rule the sphere.


Artists often fall back on the beauty of nature. They go on testing their flair by experimenting with the bits and elements. Thus, it is not a surprise to see art pieces shining with out of the world charm. Not just that, they go on adding the elements of the fantastical world to weave a unique sphere of ecstasy for art lovers. An artist named Vitor Schietti has taken the narrative to another level with his art pieces on the counter.

The night is full of wonders for Vitor. He unleashes his creative sight to unveil the anonymous facet of the elements around him. Trees have caught his heed this time to power him up to come with some stunning pieces. Embracing the routes of light painting, he went ahead to adorn the scenes with his artistic vision. Starting his art spree back in 2015, he has gone ahead to bring the best out for thrilling pictures.


Each of the pictures showcases trees against the night background shimmering with light streaks flowing down. In some pictures, it looks as if the light is raining from the branches of the tree. Not just that, one can also see supernatural vibes disseminating from the scenes. To capture the best, he explored the corners of his home town- Brasilia and its neighboring areas in February and March of 2021. Thus, one can also spot some architectural beauty hiding in the background of the pictures.

His work aims at celebrating the beauty and charm of the city creatively. Thus, he goes ahead to highlight the salience and presence of trees in the city to showcase the rich life thriving on them. Not just that, he steps ahead to pair them up with architectural pieces to add to the charm of his pictures. Well, these light paintings are not a lemon-squeezing affair for the artist. He has to put in his best to ensure a perfect portrayal of the subjects in the pictures.


Shedding light on the efforts that have gone in his pictures, he shared, “Apart from this process and color and contrast adjustments, the result is conceived entirely from real action with fireworks, a performance that shifts between spontaneity and control… To paint with light in a three-dimensional space is to bring one’s thoughts from unconscious realms into existence, only visible as presented through long-exposure photography.”

Taking on the architectural associations in his work, he shared, “(They are) often integrated with the genius architecture of Oscar Niemeyer…Appreciating their hidden expressions, or imagining the life force that pulsates and emanates from them maybe a little less ordinary, so here (the) images play an important role: inspire and foster imagination.”


Clubbing his luminous tree works, he has titled his efforts ‘Impermanent Sculptures’. It goes a long way in bringing out the best narrative of his vision. To the delight of his admirers, they can find the shining stars of the series by taking to his site. Not just that, many social media platforms also facilitate a visit to his series. Apart from that, one can also check out his other works based on the city.