Hybrid Assemblages By Debra Broz Creates Bizarre Animals

An artist named Debra Broz broke the ceiling by coming up with her hybrid ceramic animals. The artist fused different elements of the animal body to evolve the mystic hybrid counterparts. The ceramic beings are stealing the limelight of the art world with their charm.


The different body characteristics have usually been the basis for clubbing the beings belonging to a particular species. For instance, our elders taught us that an animal having a trunk is an elephant. But it seems like the ground of definition will soon go for a toss as many artists are bracing up to alter the laws of nature. One of them is Debra Broz. She has evolved many hybrid animals through her ceramic-play.

Surprise elements have always wooed ceramic sculpture expert. She took on various things to cherish the beauty of these elements. When her soul was bubbling up with childhood spirits, she received a prank wooden outhouse of her grandfather. The prank wooden outhouse ignited the flame of experiments in her mind. Taking on that part, she recalled that it exploded when she put a quarter in it. That aroused her mind to go for the unexpected things in her career.

Moving on from that part, the artist came a long way. She molded the ceramics to evolve some peculiar animals. For that, she fused the different characteristics of bodies of animals. In the end, she came up with some winged elephants, multi-cared rabbits and carrot-legged babies. Her creations are unique in their sense. They also spread some pearls of humor around them to grab the attention of the art lovers.

For instance, in one of her creations- “Safari Turkey” (6*4*3 inches), she put the beautiful legs of giraffe of African Safari with the upper body of elegant Turkey. Then there is a “White Rabbit #24” (6*2*3 inches). The white furry animal breaks away from the lineage of its species by having “multiple legs”. In “White Rabbit#20”, one can find the rabbit having “multiple ears”.

There is also some carrot delight! One can see some human babies having carrot legs. She named them as “Carrot Babies”. A “Dancing Dolphin II” with human legs and arms also shines brightly in her collection to grab the attention of the viewers. A “Royal Canine” depicts the royal elements of the animal kingdom.

The Los Angeles based artist shared that we also needed to take time to realize that the world is also wildly full of nonsense. These aspects of our lives are incredibly ridiculous. According to her, she thought it is completely fair for us to recognize that and laugh about it.

Not just ceramic, the artist also experiments with stuffed animals and balloons. She also shared, “It was a really interesting process to see how many ideas I could think of to alter that one particular form”. According to her, that also had got her interested in the idea of how much we could change a form before it stops being what it was and becomes something else.

The art lovers and faunists can take a round through the lanes of her rabbit collection at the Track 16 Gallery Anniversary Show. Also one of her art pieces will shine for auction. The auction will be a fundraiser to support Monte Vista Projects.