Human Metamorphosis Embodied In Rosemary Holiday Hall’s Oxidized Chrysalises

An artist named Rosemary Holiday Hall has worked out some oxidized fabrics standing on the metal structure to reflect on the process of metamorphosis. The four art pieces try to carry on the bits of the process in the human world on a large scale. The artist has gone ahead to draw a parallel between them through ‘Encyclia Imagosis’ series.


Human beings do not exist in isolation. The various links run across to bind them with the living beings. The life-processes forming the edifice of the existence have much in common. These similarities need the lens of creativity to come to the fore. The dynamism of life powers them up to take on the cross borders. An artist named Rosemary Holiday Hall has gone ahead to test the relevance of these bits through her art pieces.

Rosemary dives in the pool of thoughts to underline the lines that join the species. She goes ahead to see their evolution and importance in the sustenance of life. Her mind hovers around to look into the crevices that let the synthesis of different processes. Carrying on the process of construing, her creative eyes landed on the vibrant process of metamorphosis.

The kingdom of insects offered her the mesmerizing gems to work out of the world art pieces. She studied the process and tried to see its relevance in the world of humans. The different phases of life made her draw a parallel between it and the transformation of human beings over time. She went ahead to make oxidized fabrics standing on the metal structures. The structures represent the lines of lives thriving inside the coating.

The four art pieces festoon the floor and walls of the room. The structures shimmer in different shapes and sizes to shed light on the vividness and universality of the sphere. The evolution and destruction processes with the building and falling lines provide a platter of inspiration.

Taking on the process, she shared, “I made these sculptures to imagine what it would be like to be a caterpillar in a self-made structure, whose purpose was to hold my disintegrated body as it transforms into another body”.

Putting the elements of her interpretation and analysis of metamorphosis, the artist has turned with the ‘Encyclia Imagosis’ series. The series presents the art pieces arrayed in different ways to let art lovers cherish the liberty of grabbing every edge and bit of the process. According to Rosemary, “Encyclia Imagosis investigates various ways we make sense of the world and relate to ourselves and others through imagination, metaphor, and material”. The translucent fabrics adorning the wireframe go miles ahead to complement the thought of the line of their maker. The raging winds of the pandemic period have further added to the relevance of the series in projecting human lives.

Shedding some light on her vision, she shared, “Some days, becoming unrecognizable to myself, it seems the world and our systems are slushy slop in individual COVID chrysalises, amidst a painful collective metamorphosis… Now, more than ever, we are faced with the fragility and interdependence of our own bodies and the systems we inhabit”.

Adding to that, she said, “I keep returning to the chrysalis, for both solace and inspiration in that, the chrysalis is a messy, painful, and disorienting space, but within the mush there are imaginal seeds for transformation”.

The atoms of vibrant physical transformation have thus perfectly combined to facilitate the activity of construing for art lovers.