How To Become A Makeup Artist Despite The Fully Functional Arms? This Girl Is The Motivation You Need

Our body plays a major role in what kind of profession we could choose. Stereotypes might think that a heart patient can probably not think of becoming an athlete. However, breaking all kinds of stereotypes, this woman became a makeup artist ignoring the fact that her arms have a congenital defect that restricts the full movement of her arms.


Jessica Ruiz, 26-year-old makeup artist from Philadelphia was born with a congenital defect. It prevents full movement of her arms and hands, hence, she has to use her mouth to hold her makeup tools. Bullying has either taken the lives of people or have made people get over all their insecurities and rise above all. She is the example of the latter as she was also a victim of bullying a teasing in her school days. She began to experiment with makeup to cope up with all the comments she got to hear in her middle school.

She began her journey by applying eyeliner and mascara for herself. She took the wand in her left hand and started bending her head to smudge it all. This helped her gain self-esteem as she started getting compliments on how well it is applied. By the time she was done with her high school, she had graduated in doing her friends’ makeup, using just her mouth to stabilize her brushes.


However, she was rejected by many beauty schools and she turned to YouTube tutorials to get better at her craft. She went ahead with it and now she is a full-time makeup artist. By all the works she has up on her, Instagram shows that she is freaking talented and how! Her arms have never been a hindrance in turning her passion into a profession.


From cat eye to contouring, from baking to perfecting highlighter, she has got it all and her way of doing makeup has now become her USP. She said, “I have some people that are booking me just because of the way that I do makeup now. There are other people who really truly see this as equal and equivalent. The only difference is in the way that I apply makeup.”

Kudos to her for being a total badass and breaking every lame norm that exists in our society.