Geometric Stitches Strengthen Black-And-White Photographs Of Historical Figures

An artist named Victoria Villasana moves ahead to unveil her art and creativity by bestowing the black and white photographs of the renowned souls with the colorful doses. The Mexican artist stitches some colorful geometric patterns and shapes to build on amusement. She tries to revive their charm back to life with the colorful threads and patterns on the figures.


Colors bring a smile on the stressed faces in the crowded world. They dump worn out bits to make way for the fresh ones. Not just that, they also help in resurrecting the age-old charm for the delight of the present generation. Adding another feather to that list, an artist named Victoria Villasana goes ahead to put some iconic art pieces and color combinations.

Victoria loves to play and work with colors. She keeps on experimenting with the color combinations and patterns to come up with the best of the kind version of the things around. She stands out from the other artists in the domain. The artist festoons the black and white photographs of the legendary souls with colorful threads and their patterns.

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Eleanor Roosevelt knitting. From the series: ‘Only women's work’, Eleanor said: “A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong it is until it's in hot water.” I feel that women in positions of power shouldn’t lose their feminine side. Women can lead with assertiveness and softness, with leadership and compassion without amputating a part of them. Stay strong. Stay soft.✨ Eleanor Roosevelt tejiendo. De la serie: "Sólo trabajo de mujeres", Eleanor dijo: "Una mujer es como una bolsita de té; nunca se sabe qué tan fuerte es hasta que está en agua caliente ". Siento que las mujeres en posiciones de poder no deberían perder su lado femenino. Las mujeres pueden liderar con asertividad y suavidad, con liderazgo y compasión sin amputar una parte de ellas. Mantente fuerte. Mantente suave.

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The Mexican artist stitches some beautiful geometric patterns on the photographs with the vibrant threads. The patterns flow towards the edges to take on their sharpness. Her canvas simmers up to reflect on the power, beauty and strength of the characters. To get the best of the photographs, she uses the public domains. She looks for the ones that can hold up her intentions and aim in the best possible way.

Also, her eyes move around to hit at the ones glorifying the characters. After that, she picks threads that can complement the pictures. Finally, she takes up her stitching spree to engender the beautiful patterns and lines.

One can cherish the beauty of the art pieces by going through the art lane. One can see the photograph of Yayoi Kusama shimmering in her art. The pink thread embellishes her eyes. The background dons the orange lines. Not just that, her dress blossoms with the patterns.

Art lovers can also find a photograph of Chadwick Boseman supporting a similar texture. The colorful lines of thread run across his shirt to weave a delightful pattern. The dark and light green threads go around giving way to triangular shapes at the bottom. The golden thread comes up beautifully on the upper part of the shirt to provide the best-in-class charm to the photograph. Not just that, the lines of other colorful threads run vertically to add to its charm.

Kara Walker also breathes in the artistic hues. Her dress shimmers up with the vibrant threads weaving iconic forms and patterns around it. It looks like the rainbow pouring out its colors on the black and white photograph.

Nelson Mandela bubbles up with high energy with her art. Light blue threads flow out from his fist to cover the background. Not just that, the colorful threads cover his suit with geometric patterns. They hang down freely from them.

Taking on her art, the artist shared, “I think color helps us to connect emotionally and I like to look at the past and merge tradition and vanguard. I’m also interested in symbolism and geometry in art as a way to communicate deeper meanings with each other”.

One can check out more of her art pieces by taking on the social media world. Not just that, the interested souls can also get prints of her artworks from her shop.