Flying Birds Adorn A 35-Meter Water Tower Mural By Taquen

An artist named Taquen pegs his name in the mural world with another of his masterpiece in Gien, France. The 35-m water tower stands high enough with flocks of ospreys, herons, and common terns adorning it in the best possible way. “Eau de Loire” reflects on the rich life that draws their existence from the Loire River in the region.


Murals have managed to carve their unique space in the ever-blooming art world. They provide artists with a way to express and release the whirl of emotions and thoughts lurking inside them. Not just that, they also go ahead making a mark in the domain with their alluring themes in the scene. Making the best of that part, an artist named Taquen has taken the trend to another level with his vibrant and evoking mural doing rounds.

The Madrid-based artist has added another feather in his cap with his latest mural. Setting ground for that spree, he has moved to a 35-m water tower. Matching up with the scintillating background shimmering around, he has gone ahead to put the best of his artistic flair. Bringing an evoking theme to the fore, he has borrowed from the natural linkages and lines thriving in the area. The water tower in Gien (France) shines in blue hues to fit in its blue background. Not just that, one can also see it reflecting on its association with the Loire River that flows in the region.


Adding more to its case, “Eau de Loire” thrives with the idea of life across its body. Taking on that note, it celebrates the kings of the sky that draw from the river. Securing a heart-winning space in the views, it makes waves with a flock of ospreys, herons, and common terns. They feature all over its body to reflect on their connection with water. Thus, the environment bits blooming in its theme manages to win eyes bubbling around. Not just that, the artist also strives to highlight the importance of water in the idea of life.

Taking that note to another level, it also sheds light on the dynamism of life and cycles thriving in the environment through the birds in motion. Their flight across the tower thus takes one into deeper layers of environment dimensions breathing in the region. Thus, the wildlife shimmering on the tower takes its case a notch high in the domain.


Shedding on the theme backing the mural, he shared, “Water has always been synonymous with life.” Adding to that, he said, “For me, movement is a basic form of knowledge, to get to know myself and my environment and learn to respect it. Birds are great symbols of freedom, animals that migrate thousands of kilometers each year with no one who can stop them.” Thus, it supports many strings of thoughts and fascinations getting together and weaving the enticing masterpiece. The water tower stands out in the domain for its exceptional charm and beauty in the region. Utility and creativity hold hand in hand with its presence there.

To his admirers’ delight, there are many more stars in his case to cherish. They can check out his work in Vigo, Galicia. Another art piece is coming up Camprovin, La Rioja, Spain. Then, one can wait for him to make waves at Mostar Street Art Festival in Bosnia and Eternelles Crapules at Briançon, France. Thus, there are many golden opportunities for one to live his art to the full in September.