Fares Micue Displays Clusters Of Balloons In His Expressive Self-Portraits

An artist named Fares Micue has been making waves by switching from leaves and Botanic to alluring balloons in her portraits. The Spain-based artistic soul lets her emotions speak with colorful balloons masking her face or accompany her poses. Her self-portraits rope in the fascinating universal charm of the sun, moon and planets through perfectly matching airborne balloons flying around.


Artists let their hearts speak out in their creations by teaming up with organic and inorganic elements. They go around their surroundings looking for their artistic match. The colorful and enticing bits come to the fore to reflect their emotions and thoughts in the best possible way. This human and prop connection is gradually taking to the heart of the art world. Adding a facet to that narrative, an artist named Fares Micue has been stealing the show.

The Spain-based artist loves to play with different elements in her portraits. For the last few years, she has been collaborating with leafy bounties and botanic. Taking on that note, she has managed to toss up the charm of her portraits. Extending that line of portrayal, she has been building her case on the beauty of the seasonal patterns ruling on the Earth. However, the artist has taken a break from that ritual by moving over to the fascinating magic of balloons.


In her latest self-portraits, she has posed with vibrant airborne balloons adorning the scene around. They go on masking her face or matching up with her dress shade. Not just that, those bright bundles of bliss float around her for her emotions to run around. Adding to that, they also bring in the universal magic of the sun, moon and stars. They go on differing in shades and hues to weave a heart-winning affair and narrative in her portraits.

Living that facet to the full, one can go through the list of her masterpieces. In “Contagious energy”, one can see the artist flaunting her yellow skirt against the blue background. Matching up with the trend in the portrait, bright yellow balloons mask her face. “Chasing illusions” shows her climbing the stairs and catching up with alluring blue balloons. Her blue skirt pair with the floating elements to a great extent. “Endless options” lets one cherish the beauty of red with Fares supporting a red top against the sandy background.


Adding more to that line, one can also marvel at “Too many expectations”. White balloons match up with her red dress to celebrate the theme in the best way. “Revive your curiosity” takes that matter to another level with her remarkable setting of sea-green hues. “Winter blues” let the blue water fantasy ring around the scene through her beautiful portrait.

Revealing her intention behind her self-portraits, the photographer shared, “For me, the round shape represents perfection, feelings, energy, and the natural flowing of things…(It) has the ability to move easily like a ball and helps us to move forward like a wheel. They are delicate and soft.”


Adding to that, she said, “Nothing can be hidden around a circle cause it has no edges or pointy corners, and that’s what they represent in my work: the pureness and naturality of our feelings and how they help us to move forward, the energy we share with the world, and how they are always surrounding us shaping our everyday life.”

Tuning to her art, one can check out her social media accounts. Saatchi Art serves one with some of her artworks.