Faces And Fingers Emerge From Ceramics By Canopic Studio

An artist couple named Claire and Curran Wedner has stolen the limelight for their ceramics but differently. Adding another feather to the cap of Canopic Studio, they have come with ceramics in celadon and have added stars to their trend of making ceramics with human fingers and faces. The shift from the black-and-white to translucent glaze has redefined their sphere.


Ceramics have been holding a firm ground in the art world. Artists have reworked and redefined their charm and grace over the years to have them match up with the changing times. They have used them to weave their unique spheres and domains in the art world. An artistic couple named Claire and Curran Wedner has taken the narrative to another level with their remarkable ceramics.

Spearheading the art sprees of Canopic Studios, they have gone a long way in making the best of their creativity. The husband and wife have gained recognition and applause for their ceramics featuring many human faces and fingers. But they have decided to alter their art platter without changing the theme. They have recently shifted from black-and-white ceramics to celadon ones. Adding the Chinese twist in the narrative, they have worked out many heart-winning art pieces on the counter.


Keeping the translucent glaze at the center of their artworks, they have shaped ceramics supporting fingers and faces. Well, this is not the first experience for Curran with the translucent glaze. He had worked with the material in 2004 when he was in a ceramic class. He has turned back to its charm after exploring the bits of cone 10 gas firing and reduction. The resultant color of the material allured their hearts and fell in line with the theme.

Holding the center-line of their ceramics, they have gone ahead to stick to their previous moulds. Using the bits smartly, they have refrained repetition and monotony from setting in their art pieces. They have worked out the fingers and faces differently on every art piece. They differ in size and arrangement to make way for different patterns and variation on the platter.


One can take a ride through their art pieces to observe the details closely. For instance, one can find a vessel supporting many human faces across its body. Both big and small human faces evolve together to cover it. They come up beautifully to add to the case of the ceramic. In another ceramic, one can find small faces forming a circle to add to the beauty of the plate. One can find many other ceramics on the shelves carrying on a similar trend in the studio.

Taking on the theme of their art pieces, Curran shared, “I’m interested in identity and how it shifts when we go from being alone to being a part of a crowd.” Adding to that, he said, “I like prodding that space in between, where identity feels almost pliable or molten, then hardens, then shifts again, and so on. When the face I’m using is pulled from a single mold, it has a surreal quality—so identical it’s almost eerie, and all the tiny flaws and differences come forward when they otherwise wouldn’t.”


Well, the couple is looking forward to adding some more thrilling bits to their platter. They are working on a project that deals with face medallions with 22 karat gold. Ceramics are thus seeing their best facet rising. One can stay tuned to their sprees by checking out the social media platforms.