Fabrice Monteiro’s Photos Show Children Of Gaia Emerge From Ecological Crisis

A photographer named Fabrice Monteiro set the world on fire by bringing out his epic photographs that captured the besets of Mother Earth. The artist arranged some children to don the look of children of the Earth Goddess (Gaia) in vibrant colors. He named the project “The Prophecy”.


Our Mother Earth is crying for some pearls of solace. And this fact is lying under the layer of our unlimited wants and desires. The high level of devastation and pollution are choking her nerves. Thus, she is crying for some mercy. After grabbing the dark times of our world, an artist named Fabrice Monteiro has unveiled the grave situation through his photographs.

Fabric Monteiro is not an ignorant soul in our world. He observes the things to their roots. So the worsening health of our Mother Earth not could escape his sight. He decided to take the vitiated matter into his hands. Thus, he ended up charting out a plan to unveil the hard core fact through the colors of his photography.

Working on the theme of the project, he went ahead to rope in some models to spread the tears but in a unique way. He decided to present them as the children of Goddess Earth named Gaia. Taking on that part of his project, he reached the Senegalese fashion designer Doulsy to bring out the vibrant dress materials for his charming photo shoot models.

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To capture the real environment for his shoot, the artist travelled across Africa to hunt out for the appropriate sites. He placed the children in disgusting and deteriorating sites that reflect the brutality of human beings. He brought in many elements-fishing net and plastic bags to weave them together to form gowns. Not just the long dress material but they also got together to evolve headdresses. The garbage accessories poised them in ruined landscapes.

Taking out his project, he ended up clicking some great 13 photographs. The project took his rigorous efforts of 2 years. He titled his project- “The Prophecy”.

The collection spreads strong concerns about the sulking condition of our planet. For instance, in one of the photographers, one can see the aqua child of Mother Earth growing black due to the high water pollution. Then in other photograph, the green goddess can be seen standing amidst the heap of litter and discarded items. Another photograph sheds light on the dark side of our human world- poverty. Desertification and deforestation too made their way to form the themes of the photo shoot.

These photographs stole the hearts of the art lovers at the Chazen Museum of Art where they shone brightly for the first time. The exhibition will keep on rocking the stage until January 5, 2020. It joined the “Interrogating the Plantationocence” Sawyer Seminar- 18 month initiative of University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Taking on that part, James Wehn (the Van Vleck Curator of Works on Paper at the museum) shared that Chazen director Amy Gillain and Professors at the university had selected Monteiro’s project “for the compelling way in which the photographs provoke critical conversations about issues central to the seminar”. The concerned course will take place in May 2020.

The art lovers can check out his photographs and the vibrant designs of the apparels of the models on his online portfolio and Instagram page.

Mother Earth needs the undivided attention of her children. Hopefully, this time the inhabitants of Mother Earth would develop some sensitive nerves.