Evelin Kasikov Merges Printing And Embroidery With Her Catalogue Of Stitched CMYK Studies

An artist named Evelin Kasikov has broken the monotony of art by coming with a stunning catalogue that showcases the variables of CMYK printing. Using a heart-winning range of colors, one can find two-dozen combinations through embroidered patches. Titling her catalogue “XXXX Swatchbook”, she has worked out four base tones, 16 elements, and 400 swatches of color with 219,647 stitches.


The art of embroidery is getting back to the center-stage with its charm winning hearts around. Many artists are reworking the delight and technique to come up with some art pieces that redefine the domain of the art. Thus, gone are the days when embroidery was one of the essential household bits for women. Adding fuel to the fire of change, an artist named Evelin Kasikov has come up with a stunning catalogue.

Evelin has hogged the limelight with her version of representation of the variables of CMYK printing. It all started when she felt the need to have a reference tool that she could use while dealing with her clients looking for CMYK embroidery. She grabbed that and went ahead to put in efforts in that direction. To her delight, her efforts of six years ended in a stunning catalogue of CMYK printing.


What makes her work stand out from the other counterparts in the domain is the fact that she has worked the bits without using any ink. She has presented the elements through embroidery. It brings out primary, secondary, and tertiary colors in an all-new look with vibrant threads. Not just that, two-dozen combinations present the heart-winning gradients in their best version. She has clubbed her pieces in a book titled “XXXX Swatchbook”. It shines by featuring three-dimensional color studies with halftone dots of four-color printing.

It presents French-folded pages supporting geometric patches of thread. Not just that, one can also find hand-written details of the presenting CMYK values. Adding to that, one can also find it present an enticing blend of colors, ranging from magenta to cyan and making its spine.


The catalogue consists of four base tones and 16 elements. The 400 swatches come in the shape of hand embroidery. Around 219,647 stitches create the delight of her work. Offering variety, the swatches come with varying thickness. One can find them supporting screen angles—cyan 105˚, magenta 75˚, yellow 90˚, and black 45˚ to make way for a plethora of colors and gradients. One can find the catalogue having a similarity with the CMYK Embroidery project. It goes back to her MA studies at the Central Saint Martins.

Thus, her penchant for graphic stitching grew over the years. It worked out some vibrant ways for her in the art world. Shedding light on the technique used in the project, she shared, “I use cross-stitch technique to replicate this. It’s a very simple idea. I prepare the image in InDesign or Illustrator, then pierce the design onto paper and stitch with CMYK colored threads. Of course, my ‘print resolution’ is very low, about 3-4 lines per inch compared to 300 in print.”


Taking on the beauty of graphic designing, she shared, “When you add tactile qualities to graphic design, it changes perspective. The structure of color can be touched. The printed image becomes three-dimensional. A flat page comes to life so to speak.”

Thus, the catalogue acts as a perfect guide to the one wishing to dive into the beauty of CMYK printing. One can explore her site and social-media world for the best.