Elizabeth Picard’s Zip-Tie Formations Show Futuristic Organic Life

An artist named Elizabeth Picard weaves zip-ties together to produce some illuminating organic elements. She goes ahead to hand dye the zips to make them in line with her thoughts and ideas. After arranging them in the desired form, the artist then lights them up using different sources. The abstract art forms shimmer enough to bring their themes to life.


Moving farther away from the age-old tradition of creating art creations from the well-defined set of shades and instruments, the artists of the golden age are procuring elements in daily use. They go ahead bubbling to create some iconic art pieces to woo the art lovers. Making a mark in that domain, an artist named Elizabeth Picard has come up with a vibrant platter full of zip-ties.

In the art sphere of Elizabeth, zip-ties hold the centre for her thoughts. The artist brings her art pieces into life by using the zipper element. It all started back in 2011 for her when she joined nylon links to work out the outline of her career in the art world. Absorbing the edges bit by bit, the artist went ahead honing her prowess and proving her mettle with her art creations. As the precious bits time passed away, Elizabeth came up with her dimension of art to create waves in the crowded alleys to the art world.

Grabbing the obscured versatility of zip-ties, she went ahead to play with their flexibility. Her hands began to experiment with their long chains. They started to fold, curl, weave and lock them together to create artistic replicas of organic life. To bestow her creation with a unique charm, she went deeper to explore the natural bits. After expending much of her efforts, the artist achieved the milestone of perfection.

Laying down the edifice of her masterpieces, the artist goes around to hand dye the zip-ties in suitable shades. Cementing the stature of magnificence, she picks up the charm of pastels, earth tones, and fluorescent hues. After getting done with the dying part, the artist arrays them as per her thoughts. Then, she braces up for the moment testing her brilliance. She escorts her art pieces to the platter with the appropriate light source playing its part in the background. The dyed zip-ties glow enough to complement the source of energy. The punch of light ends the perplexing art spree for the artist.

To grab the roots of her creativity, one can catch the glimpse of the art pieces. “Ondulation” (2014) (white zip-ties, RGB LED light, and painted plywood, 
36 x 36 x 6 ¼ inches) presents the concentric coils of zip-ties blushing in white hues. “Evolution” (2015) (dyed zip-ties with plexi lightbox, 20.5 x 21.5 x 6 inches) brings together zip-ties in vibrant shades following DNA-like pattern.

Elizabeth does not restrict her search to a few information sources. She imbibes the inspirational bits from things like sea, minerals, numeric art and 3-D printing around her.

It’s time to ‘zip-up’ the art world.