Elaborately Armoured Samurai Made From A Single Sheet Of Paper

An artist named Juho Könkkölä has redefined the versatility and strength of paper with his stunning masterpiece. He has managed to come up with a 28-centimetre-tall warrior by folding one sheet of Wenzhou rice paper. Starting with a 95 x 95-centimetre page, he went to work out the detailed samurai by using a combination of wet and dry origami techniques.


Paper has been in the art world since ages in different forms to boost the creative waves. Artists have banked on its versatility for infinite times to shape their thoughts and views on the platforms. Over the years, it has managed to see itself rising as the core element of the project. An artist named Juho Könkkölä has made an addition to the enticing narrative by using it in the best way.

The 23-year-old Finnish artist was looking forward to materializing his vision of a samurai in the art world. With the details ringing in his mind, he went ahead to look for a material that could go a long way in holding his art together. Wenzhou rice paper finally managed to relieve his nerves. He decided to put the paper at the core of his project.


He started his art spree by taking up a 95 x 95-centimetre page on the counter. After that, he started working out his way by folding the sheet meticulously to get the desired form. After putting in his efforts for around 50 hours, he finally saw the artistic light of the day. A 28-centimetre-tall samurai was standing on the counter, resembling the one that ruled in his visions. It was not a smooth ride for him to come up with the warrior. He had to use a mix of wet and dry origami techniques to have the folds matching tunes with his plan.

Not just that, he also did not borrow the design of his masterpiece from any bit. He used his creative instinct to work out the details. Thus, his samurai manages to shimmer in unique identity and charm on the art counter. Taking a close look at the warrior, one can find it donning a plated armor, traditional helmet, and sword. They all look stunning in the white shade, ruling the narrative around.


Not just that, one can also manage to grab the resolute of the subject. The little details running across its face open up the way to catch the broader theme. Taking on the intricacy of the process, the artist shared, “There are several hundreds of steps to fold it from the square and there are probably thousands of individual folds. The asymmetry in the design allowed me to include (a) sword on only one arm while being able to make the character look symmetric”.

For him, the geometrical patterns were the most difficult part of the project. It had taken up a significant part of his art spree to come to well on the platter. Placed against the black background, it goes a long way to highlight the amusing details for the viewers.

Throwing open the secret moves of the art piece; he has captured the process in a video. Thus, art lovers can cherish the project to the best by going through the bits and moments. Apart from that, one can check out the social media platform to get the best glimpse of the paper art piece making waves around. They can also cherish a variety of origami works adorning the decks for their delight.