Different Worlds Of James R. Eads With Dappled Brush Strokes

The myriad different styles of brushstrokes that artists render is a part of what makes painting such an endlessly fascinating medium of expressing one’s emotions or feelings. In his series of large-scale work James R. Eads celebrated the evocative power of the brushstrokes. Each of his paintings capture a small action. His paints as few as two strokes of the brush, and his paintings blow up to a macro scale.


James R. Eads is a Los Angeles based surreal impressionist. He is a person who expresses his ideas of the soul and human connection through traditional printmaking as well as the new digital media. His paintings often include exotic birds, half-sunken boats, and swirling star-filled skies. James challenges the concrete reality that we live in. He plays with colour and motion to form a world of believable fiction.

Eads is deeply connected to music. James R. Eads says that music influences his work. He has made many paintings for musical bands as he has a deep connection with music ranging from The Black Keys and Leon Bridges to Jerry Garcia and Iggy Pop. “I have been really inspired by a lot of different things lately, including many worlds theory the idea of multiple universe and timelines existing simultaneously. “James Eads noted.

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James had worked on many series of pastel paintings called Many, many paths that explores the idea through meandering paths in other gardens. Sharing his recent works, he said: “I’ve been working on a series of pastel paintings called Many, Many Paths that explores this idea through meandering paths in otherworldly gardens.”

His most recent undertaking is the series called Cosma Visions. The Cosma vision explores the idea of past lives and is reimagined on the traditional tarot explain he said: “which explores the idea of past lives and reincarnation reimagined on the traditional tarot. It takes the reader through the journey of the soul in the spirit plane after death. “The journey of the soul in the spirit plane after death is being explained through his project.

Eads is also fascinated by the idea of Virtual reality and often experiments with Virtual Reality artwork. He also runs an online store selling his works. He often produces some limited-edition prints and other buyable items that provide a certain angle to his colourful illustrations.

James has also recently successfully crowdfunded a Lenormand deck called Green Glyphs. For his fans who admire his works he often posts some glimpses of his works on his social media handles. There is a very deep meaning to his every painting and you will surely admire his paintings once you catch the sight of his works.