Deep Sea Creatures Reimagined As Luminescent Sculptures

An artist named Shih Chieh Huang is winning laurels for his illuminated sculptures. The creations resemble some under-water beings. The show of colorful lights comes into picture with expansion and deflation of shades coming out of the art pieces of the artist.


Colors are a soothing gift from Mother Nature. They influence as well as suit the temperament of individuals. Thus, they form a facet of psychology of not only humans but also of the other beings on this planet. To make full use of this fact, an artist named Shih Chieh Huang came up with his sculptures illuminated with lights of different shades.

The Taiwanese artist wanted to embrace the trail of colors. So by continuously putting in his efforts, he discovered a new form of art. In this art, he goes ahead to create some illuminating sculptures-shining brightly in colorful shades. LED lights and glowing liquids lay down the foundation of his creation. Then come some transparent plastic tentacles to help him evolve his art pieces. Not just that but some mechanical features also make their way to glorify the sculptures.

In the end, he gets some beautiful art pieces that fall under the day-glow sculptures category. Then he goes ahead to add some mystic elements to the picture. Shih uses the expansion and deflation of light that results in a mind-boggling light show. After adding some finishing touch to his creations, he comes up with sculptures that resemble some under-water creatures. They look so genuine that one would end up thinking them as part of the blue world.

For instance, there is one sculpture that reflects the life of a marine vertebrate. Then there are many more that don the shades of green and red. They also reflect upon marine creatures. Many of them like seaweeds, fishes, etc. come out of the castle of lights. They look so real that one may end up citing them as genuine beings. One can attribute it to the effects of the expansion and deflation of shades coming out of the sculptures.

To add charm to their pulchritude, a perfect blend of shades from additional souces accompanies them. So it presents a shiny light show. Thus, the whole scene looks like the under-water magical world.

Shih rocked the art world by organizing a solo exhibition named Incubate at Ronald Feldman Gallery (New York) in the month of April. Taking on his art, he shared that his solo exhibition addressed chaos, growth, order and pattern. According to him, it used brand new materials such as continuous wire. A peristaltic pump for neon liquid and a urethane belt too made their way to bring out his creations.

After that exhibition, the artist made his mark in group exhibition-Useless: Machines for Dreaming, Thinking and Seeing at Bronx Museum in March. This exhibition lasted till September 1, 2019.

The admirers of his art can check out his work on Instagram page and website. So they can go out and cherish the pulchritude of various shades of nature.