Color-Blocked Murals By Lakwena Turned Into Basketball Courts In Arkansas

An artist named Lakwena has taken to the basketball courts in Martin Luther King Jr. Park in Pine Bluff, Arkansas to honor the Black community in her way. The artist painted the concrete platforms with her typographic murals to reflect on her cathartic pent up. She (in collaboration with women-led curators of Just kids and OZ Art) celebrated Maya Angelou’s words.


Art is the way to mould the stream of one’s thoughts and emotions in concrete form. It empowers the creative souls to mirror the whirl of truths through their art pieces. Thus, the art world blooms with the magic of evoking artistic gems adorning its nook and corner. Riding on a purpose, an artist named Lakwena has turned the sphere bright with her typographic murals thriving in lush-green surroundings.

The two basketball courts in Martin Luther King Jr. Park in Pine Bluff, Arkansas got an artistic makeover to stand out in the area. The London-based artist culled the courts as art-canvas. The women-led curators of Just kids and OZ Art commissioned her artistic move. Thus, she was ready to buckle up for her second spree in Arkansas. She set it on the lines of a 2017 work at Sebastian County’s Juvenile Detention Center in Fort Smith.


For her, it was not a mere art project. It was the way to honor the Black community that dominates the area. Her emotions and tunes of time bolstered her decision. Finally, it was the time for her to adorn the courts with the out of the world typographic murals. Keeping in mind the salience of the platform, she scrupulously picked up her color palette.

To retain the heart of the game, she used the basketball jargons. An arched “Make it rain” appeared to distinguish the three-point lines. Not just that, she also celebrated the heritage of the area in her art pieces. The words of prolific poet Maya Angelou fanned the inspirational waves for her. Finally, “Bury me down / still I rise” took the perimeter area of the courts.

She did not halt there but advanced to incorporate some more thrilling bits. The title of the work- “I’ll bring you flowers” bloomed at the center in form of a flower in both the courts. Thus, the vibrant courts took the artistic charm to reflect on the purpose beyond the domain of sports.


The lush-green surroundings accompany the alluring hues glistening in the courts to immortalize the artistic cause. Hence, the typographic murals have combined the power of words and art to enlighten the viewers.

Taking on her project, the artist shared, “I was really excited to work in a place with a largely Black demographic. It was nice to make an artwork for people that I have a connection to in that respect, especially at what feels like a very significant time for the Black community. The piece is called “I’ll bring you flowers.” Flowers are often used as a way of greeting, paying respect and honor people, and I wanted to honor the community in Pine Bluff”.


Drawing the lines of association between the court project and the 2017 project, she attributed the former to be an extension of the latter. According to her, “(It points)at growth and blessing in spite of adversity”.

A closer look of the murals unveils many intriguing facets of the area. To relish Lakwena’s treats springing up in the art world, one can check out the social media platforms offering the art world tour.